Our Lips Don’t Lie: Radiant Orchid Lipstick Swatch

Radiant Orchid Collage copy

See how the Coupons.com staff paid lip service to Radiant Orchid. Literally.

A bunch of us ventured into the world of Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year and wondered what it would be like to wear it on our lips. While most of us wouldn’t typically gravitate toward such a bold color, we thought it would be fun to unleash our inner rock stars and glamour girls in radiant orchid lipstick.

Here’s how we all wore it best—feel free to steal our tips and secrets. It’s a beautiful color if you know how to pull it off.

lisa circleLisa: “I started with a nude base lipstick to tone down the Radiant Orchid right away, then just lightly applied it. Dabbed it on, basically. Then I covered it with a sheer gloss.”


helen circleHelen: “I applied two coats of this lipstick and it really fits me. The matte satin finish moisturizes well, but the color looks slightly different in photos.”


jeanette circleJeanette: “I liked it when I put the lipstick on lightly and then applied gloss over it. This is not a color I would gravitate toward, but I’m glad I tried it!”


jessica circleJessica: “I wore it with Rosebud Salve over it (one of my favorite budget-friendly beauty items). And while purple lipstick is not something I’d typically wear, I put it on before heading to a pop-punk concert in San Francisco, so I fit right in!”


cheryl circle

Cheryl: “According to Sephora’s color IQ, I’m a 1Y12, which means I have a warm skin tone with yellow/golden undertones. It also means that this Radiant Rush Matte goes great with my complexion. Although I prefer darker colors, it was quite fun wearing this radiant orchid lipstick for a day.”

nicole circleNicole: “I wore mine without anything under or on top. Definitely a nice pop of color for my skin tone!”



berna circleBerna: “I put it on very lightly—just enough to add some color and enhance the natural color of my lips. The nice thing about this color is it’s so bold, that a little bit goes a long way! My tube of lipstick will last me a very long time.”

Have you tried wearing radiant orchid lipstick from Sephora yet? Send us your pictures if so!


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