Our Facebook Fans Share Their Best Halloween Costumes

Facebook Fans Share Halloween Costumes

This month we asked our Facebook fans to share their best Halloween costumes–whether it be scary or unique! We are happy to showcase our favorites here on The Good Stuff, which include some entrepreneurial dogs and a couple of creative thrill seekers too.

Let Sleeping Minions Lie

let sleeping minions lieSubmitted by Lauren Pillot

If you’re still loving the Despicable Me minions as much as we are, then you can clearly see why this costume caught our eye! The minion hat plus the tutu equal double the cute factor.

Top Puppy Chef

top puppy chefSubmitted by Coco and Lucy

The only thing that warms our hearts more than two dogs is two dogs who love to cook! Is there enough food at Kramers Kandy Kitchen for all of us? The eyes on the one on the left say no!

Superheroes for a Cause

Superheroes for a CauseSubmitted by Lynn Marie B.

This crime fighting family can rival The Incredibles any day with their vast array of super powers from heroes like Wonder Woman, Captain America and Superman, twice over. And on top of that, they’re fighting breast cancer too!

Just Call Me Pierre

call me pierreSubmitted by Ellie

This French bulldog was tired of being mistaken for a Boston Terrier. He’s already got the striped shirt and beret. All he’s missing is a necktie, and maybe a French accent too.

Cheap Thrills

cheap thrillsSubmitted by Jen

This couple realized that if you can’t get to the theme park, you bring the theme park to you.

Anything for Your Owner

anything for your ownerSubmitted by Helen Fang (and her dogs, Roxy and Jasper)

Let’s face it–dogs have great lives. Their time spent lounging around the house is only interrupted by feeding, fetch and family hugs. So it’s OK if we get one day a year to dress them up in Halloween costumes they probably hate, right? Still so adorable though.

Here to Pump You Up

Here to Pump You UpSubmitted by Reyna Ramirez

This little guy is ready to flex his muscles in any nearby wrestling ring. Our mini “Macho Man” Randy Savage even has his game face on (and a stellar pair of fringe leg warmers too).

Got a Halloween costume that you want to share with us? Let us know or share a link to the picture in the comments below!

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