Oscars Voting Ballot: Fun for the Whole Family


The glitz, the glamour, the surprised winner speeches and the polite loser clap are all coming during the Oscars airing Sunday, Feb. 22. Whether you’re  watching the Academy Awards at home with your family or attending an Oscars viewing party with friends, adding good old predictions to the mix can only make the night more fun! Print out the ballot below and add prizes for the winners with the most correct answers. So grab your popcorn and cupcakes and settle in to watch the Oscars! See how many you get right with this fun voting ballot!

Want to know my Oscars voting ballot picks? I think American Sniper is going to sweep the Oscars. I also think Rosamund Pike plays crazy really well in Gone Girl and that Meryl Streep is always a shoe-in. What boxes are you marking as potential winners?

oscars voting ballot

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