5 Oscars Beauty Tips to Glow Like the Stars


Just because you’re not a Hollywood star doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a movie star glow! It is undeniable that red carpet celebrities have one thing in common: an ethereal glow. Do you want to know the secret? It’s all about getting your hands on the right products, and we’ve got the five Oscars beauty tips you’ll need to glow like the stars.

1. Snag the Right Primer


Want your makeup to look smooth and last all night like the stars? Then always start with a good primer. Silicone primers like these by Laura Mercier, Ulta and Miracle Skin Transformer work wonders as a base, creating a flawless canvas to apply foundation. Primers eliminate large pores, smooth out wrinkles and fine lines practically remove the appearance of acne scars. Use a dime-sized amount on your face before applying a luminous foundation for maximum glow.

2. Shine with an Illuminator


We’re not talking about the Illuminati here! We’re talking illuminators! An illuminator is a skin cream that contains pearlized pigments to give the face radiance and sheen. This helps light to reflect on the skin in all the right places, giving your skin an undeniable glow. Ever wondered how celebs seem to look good from every angle? It’s because an illuminator gives the illusion of pearlescence. Apply an illuminizer like ones of these by Nars and MAC to the high points on your face — primarily the cheekbones and brow bone. Give your face an all over glow by mixing with foundation.

illuminizer swatches

Here are the swatches for each of the three illuminators above so you can get a better idea of how they will look when applied.

3. Stay Hydrated with Green Tea

Green Tea

You were probably expecting me to tell you to drink more water. And you should because water is great in its own right, but it is missing one key ingredient: antioxidants. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that kill free radicals that you absorb from those pesky UV rays. So consider adding green tea to your diet to keep you hydrated and to flush out toxins. This, of course, has a stunning effect on your overall glow.

4. Fake It Until You Make It with Bronzer


So many movie stars step on the red carpet and look like they just stepped off a beach. But no one is that naturally tan all the time. Fake the tanned skin look with the help of a bronzer. Bronzers are great because they provide a safe, yet washable alternative to tanning. Give your face a sunkissed glow by applying bronzer to the cheeks, or lightly all over the face. Avoid a bronzer that has orange undertones and opt for one that is more neutral for a natural glow.

Bronzer swatches

Here are swatches for the bronzers above so you can see how they add a little color to your skin, in a way that’s less harmful and much easier than a tanning bed.

5. Peel with Pepto

pepto bismol peel

Pepto as in Pepto Bismol? Yes, you read that correctly. One of the active ingredients of this milky pink substance is salicylic acid, which does wonders for removing dead, dry skin and keeping acne at bay. Paint a thin layer of Pepto on the face, let it sit a few minutes and rinse it off. This will give you a killer glow, as you have removed all the dead skin. It’s one of my favorite Oscars beauty tips because it shows a creative way to re-use a household product.


3 replies on “5 Oscars Beauty Tips to Glow Like the Stars”

Thanks for posting the Pepto Bismo facial peel. I have a question do I have to wet my face first before applying the Pepto Bismo?? Thanks in advance.

I learned about the “Pepto Peel” in school (I’m a licensed esthetician) and at first a lot of people were “EEEWWWW” but hey, just about everyone knows (or knows someone) who has tried preparation H under the eyes for puffiness! I have and it works!

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