How to Organize Makeup for Spring Break


Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! So it’s time to start preparing for a spring break vacation. Before you hop on a plane, be sure that you have your makeup in order so you can be ready to jet set in an instant! Use our tips below for a quick fix on how to organize makeup in an on-the-go makeup bag if you’re traveling far, or how to keep your makeup vanity together if you plan on enjoying a staycation.

How to organize your travel makeup bag:

travel makeup bag

  • Organizing a makeup bag for travel depends on how long you are going to be gone, what you’ll be doing at your destination, and how many products you can carry. First, figure out these details to determine the size of bag you’ll need.
  • You will obviously need more space if you’ll be gone an extended amount of time or if your trip requires both day and night makeup. Separate out your day makeup and night makeup with the use of compartments (or even two different makeup bags, entirely).
  • Invest in a quality bag that’s full of compartments like this Hold Me bag. It includes 12 sleeves just for makeup brushes, and the bag exterior is easy to wipe and clean. It also comes in two smaller sizes.
  • If your bag has enough space and sections, then try to pack similar items together: lipsticks with glosses, eye shadows with eye liners; foundations with tinted moisturizers, etc.

How to organize your makeup vanity:

makeup vanity

Most people like to organize their makeup by product. You put the lipsticks here, the foundations there, the blush over there, so forth and so on. But that’s not always the best idea on a makeup vanity as you end up picking different items from here and there until everything is out of place and a big mess. Here’s the super simple way to organize your vanity.

Your everyday tray

makeup vanity everyday tray

This tray should be composed of the makeup you wear on an everyday basis. Your BB cream or foundation, mascara, blush, powder and lip products should all go here. This makes it easy to grab that one tray, rather than picking all over the place for products.

Your special occasion tray

makeup vanity special tray

Night out on the town with the girls? Hot date with your significant other? This is the tray that holds that makeup. In most cases, there is a drastic difference between day and night makeup — smoky eyes, heavy lashes, matte foundation and bold lips. That’s where all that makeup should go for easy access.

Your unused tray

 makeup vanity unused tray

We spend on average $1,200 a year on makeup. In most cases, that means all of the makeup will not be useMarch_Sweeps_2015_Email_Module_FINd. Create a special drawer or tray for your unused makeup, and shop that stash every once in a while. Make sure to keep this drawer monitored for expired makeup products.

If you are an organizing machine, you can also have a special area for soon-to-be expired products, doubles, brushes, products you wish you used more and products you want to give away to friends or swap. Storage tools that come in handy are Rubbermaid plastic trays, acrylic makeup organizers, and the ever popular Ikea Alex.



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