Online Conversation Games to Play with Grandkids

Online Conversation Games to Play with Grandkids | thegoodstuff

The role of the grandparent is constantly changing. With more to share with your children than knit sweaters and homemade cookies, communicating with far away family is important.

Forget what you think you know about them, as the grannies of today are well connected and technologically able. Through programs such as Skype, Facetime, and Hangouts, there are great (and free!) bonding opportunities for children with long distance family members. Take some time on Grandparents Day to have some fun with these online conversation games.

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Read books


For young children, have a grandparent read a bedtime story or short sections from a longer book each night. Older, school-age kids might enjoy being the one doing the reading as they proudly show off their new skill to their grandparents.

Having trouble picking out a favorite title for kids and grandparents to read together? Discover 19 classic books that are kid-friendly and let the adventure begin!

Have a joke-a-thon


Ask kids to collect their favorite jokes and see who creates the most laughs, grandpa or the kids.

Have a sing-along

See if grandma or grandpa will share the songs of your childhood with the next generation of your family. Singing can be fun and upbeat or a relaxing way to calm down before bedtime.

Have a tea party


Imagination required! Younger children will enjoy setting up a tea party and surprising grandma and grandpa with an invitation. All the grandparents have to do is bring a cup and saucer and play along.

Get help with homework

Utilize the skills of your extended family and encourage your children to learn to ask for help when they need it. Grandparents are more than likely quite happy to help!

Spend some time in the kitchen

Have a special family recipe with a super secret technique? Kids will love spending time cooking with long-distance grandparents. Don’t forget to keep recipes age-appropriate and supervise stove and oven activities.

It’s a good idea to start young when teaching your kiddos about kitchen safety. Check out these tips for how to teach children of all ages about heat, sharp objects, and other kitchen dangers.

Go for a walk


Take the kids for a walk around their neighborhood, community, or to their favorite park. Invite them to give their grandparents a tour and show off some of the fun things they do there.

Play a game

Board games are pretty tough long distance, but use your imagination. Play classics like hangman, charades, Pictionary, or simply take turns drawing what the other tells you to draw. It could get pretty silly!

Create something together


For tech-savvy kids and grandparents, create an online photo album or family tree. Kids can write down or draw the family history as grandma or grandpa tells stories about their childhood and other family relatives.

Take a quiz

It can be challenging for some kids to open up on the phone or via video call. Grandparents can come up with a list of questions for their grandchild and vice versa. Favorite movies, foods, colors, etc. are great to start with. For older kids, try more complicated questions like, “What would you do with a million dollars?” and “What three things would you bring with you to a deserted island?”

Give kids an opportunity to bond with their grandmothers and grandfathers this Grandparents Day. Nanas, nonnies, papis, omas, and opas have so much to share with their grandchildren, especially those who don’t live nearby.


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