Official Unofficial Holiday 2013 Savings Calendar

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, consumers are looking for ways to score the best deals on their shopping lists. Our annual Official Unofficial Holiday Savings Calendar for 2013 is live, giving shoppers the inside scoop they need to snag the best deals this year. Including everything from coupon codes to the best days to ship packages to when to buy the turkey, this guide is the first step to happy holiday planning and maximum savings.


  • November 15th is Holiday Budget Day. Don’t groan – we know budgeting is the last thing you want to think about on a Friday, but it’s important to review your finances while you have your pay stub handy and before the shopping rush. Try to set spending limits for everyone on your gift list to help ensure you don’t go over budget.
  • November 20th is Clean Your Refrigerator Day. It’s a dreaded task, but how else can you make room for all of your favorites on Thanksgiving Day? Clean the freezer while you’re at it to ensure you have space for leftovers.
  • November 22nd is National Coupon Code Day. It’s the last Friday before Thanksgiving and now is the time to prepare for the holiday rush, because it’s about to hit. Today’s the day to gather coupon codes for your holiday shopping, so check online and your mobile apps to find discounts for the big shopping days ahead. You can find codes for all kinds of gifts, as well as restaurants, so after a long day of shopping and saving money, you can get a discount on your lunch or dinner too.
  • November 23rd is Get Your Frozen Turkey Day. At 16 pounds (to feed a family of ten), the average turkey needs four days of thawing time, so purchase your turkey the weekend before Thanksgiving to be safe.
  • November 26th is Holiday Prep Day. Thanksgiving is two days away, and it’s time to start preparing for your celebration. If a fresh turkey is bound for your family table, the USDA says to buy your turkey one to two days before cooking it, so purchase today to make sure your local store doesn’t run out and avoid the last minute rush.
  • November 28th is Thanksgivukkah. For the first time in over 100 years, Thanksgiving falls on the first day of Hanukkah. The last time this happened was 1888 and it won’t happen again for another 70,000 years. This day may go down in history as the first of two Black Fridays. Gobble Tov!
  • November 29th is Black Friday. Take your pick on where to shop for the rock bottom deals of the day as you can find them just about everywhere. Whether you shop in-store or online, remember to refer to your coupon code list and in-store coupons on your mobile app to save even more.
  • November 30th is Small Business Saturday. Get out and take a walk downtown to hit the shops to find some great gifts while supporting your local economy.
  • December 1st is Deck the Halls Day. Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are in your rear-view mirror. Sunday is time to break from shopping to hang with the family and get your holiday decorations up…don’t worry, you’ll have more chances to snag deals.
  • December 2nd is Cyber Monday. Deals start early today, so fire up your computer and get ready to shop from the comfort of your jammies. Be smart when you shop: make sure there is a secure checkout and don’t forget your coupon codes.
  • December 3rd is Giving Tuesday. It’s important that in all that giving, you make sure to also give back to your favorite charities during the holiday season. Many charities participate.
  • December 9th is Green Monday. With just over two weeks left ‘til Christmas, it’s one of the biggest online shopping days of the year, and you’ll see retailers of all kinds putting out new deals and promotions to help you find that holiday shopping spirit.
  • December 13th is Stamp and Ship Day. Yes, the idea of standing in line at the post office is about as fun as a lump of coal in your stocking, but getting your holiday cards and gifts in the mail today ensures your packages will arrive on time. Even better, buy postage online to get a discount on priority mail. You’ll avoid the last minute shipping rush and save money.
  • December 18th is Free Shipping Day. This is a great day to save a bundle on shipping fees if your packages are still not signed, sealed and delivered. Be sure to check for “free shipping” codes and other ways to save on your shopping!
  • December 21st is Super Saturday. If you are among the millions of procrastinators who haven’t gotten their holiday shopping done, you can still find a few last minute deals. But remember, the deals are fewer than Black Friday or Cyber Monday, so you’ll have to be a smart shopper; don’t forget your mobile phone when you head out, as there are many apps that can help you get the best bargains.
  • December 23rd is Gift Card Shopping Day. While gift cards may not seem like the most thoughtful present, you’re running out of time, and we’d bet a $25 gift card to a favorite store would be more appreciated than a brightly decorated holiday sweater.
  • December 26th is Gift Card Exchange Day. Got a gift card for a store you’d never shop in? Never fear, you can make an exchange. Simply check the site and instantly receive offers from companies that will buy your gift card.