Now the Fun Begins: How to Clean Up your Home After the Holidays

christmas-packagesFor the most part, the holiday festivities are behind us. Time to get things back in order so we can ring in the New Year amidst a clean and organized home. Here are 5 tips for packing up the fine china and the classy table linens so you can get your party started for 2014.


dawn-bottleMost tablecloths and cloth napkins should be washed on the delicate cycle in warm water. You may have more success pre-treating greasy stains with diluted dish detergent or liquid dish soap, since they are designed to tackle food residue. Then toss the linens in the wash with your regular laundry detergent.

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cascade-100pxThere’s been a lot to cheers to lately and your glassware is in need of a deep clean. Wash in very hot water (you may want to use gloves) to avoid water spots. If your glasses are dishwasher safe, then run a load with Cascade Rinse Aid in addition to your regular detergent and it will help eliminate water spots.

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Fine China

bounty-duratowels-100pxHoliday season is typically the one time of the year many of us pull out the fine china. To safely wash your nice dishes, line your sink with a towel and hand wash in warm water with a dishwashing liquid. When storing china do not stack it too high and be sure to put a protective layer between each plate, bowl and cup. No need to buy anything fancy, a paper towel will do the trick.

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New Dishware

bounce-100pxIt’s also time to find a home for all the new loot you got. The first step is tackling the sticky price tag residue on new vases, serving dishes and other items retailers have branded. And the secret to getting it off may be hiding in your laundry room! If it won’t budge, try wiping it off with a dryer sheet.

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Couch Cushions

febreze-100pxBetween the holiday movie marathons and the visiting grandparents, your couch has been working overtime. Many upholstered couches will have a letter code on their care label. A “W” is typically seen on the most durable fabrics that can be cleaned with water. An “S” means dry clean only. For a quick fix, pick up Febreze fabric refresher, which is great for eliminating odors from upholstery.

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