4 Easy Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Picnic MomLast-Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is the single biggest day for restaurants in the U.S., and brunch is the traditional Mother’s Day meal. So be forewarned—if you don’t make brunch reservations in advance, you may find yourself waiting in long lines and eating waffles at dinnertime.

Or you could come up with Plan B. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking “outside the brunch”—and you still have time to pull these off. Even better.

  • Take Mom to a local farmers market this weekend. You can sample the goods, stroll around with a cup of coffee and help mom stock up on produce and homemade jelly, honey, beef jerky and the like. You might even be able to buy everything you need to make your own brunch for her.
  • Pack a picnic and head for a local park or beach. It’s less expensive than a brunch in a restaurant, but you can still pack brunch-like items—fresh fruits, bakery items, a couple of cheeses, bread or crackers. Also, if children are involved, a park gives them a better outlet for their energy than a fancy restaurant.
  • Prepare a meal at home for Mom, and then take her out to a bakery or coffee shop later in the day for a celebratory outing. Time together over a cup of a tea and a muffin or scone is a great way to show your mother appreciation without spending a fortune on a large meal.
  • If your mom has a sweet tooth, plan a dessert buffet. Have a light lunch, then bring out the “main course”—an assortment of sweets and treats that your mom can sample and enjoy throughout the day. If you want to create a theme, you could have a Chocolate Lover’s spread or Sweets From Around the World.

If you know your mother is counting on a traditional outing to her favorite restaurant, pick up the phone and start dialing to reserve your spot. Otherwise, have fun being creative. Your mom may very well appreciate the extra thought and effort as you celebrate her special day.