New Look, Same Great Savings

Today, we’re excited to share with you a new We’ve redesigned the site to make it simpler for you to use than ever — while featuring the same great savings on your favorite products.


Cleaner, Simpler Design
Our new design is less cluttered with a more modern look. You can find coupons easier than ever.

Redesigned Home Page

Easier to clip and print
The coupons themselves have been redesigned to make clipping and unclipping easier. Share with your friends like before, plus look for special promotions.

One of many great coupons

To clip, just mouse over and click

Easily see which coupons are clipped

Unclip, Share, or See More

Expert Savings Tips
Did you know that we offer great savings tips and savvy advice on our blog? Now you can get to it from our home page.

Visit the Blog from the Home Page

Other Improvements You’ll Notice:

Easier to browse by category
Our categories have moved. Look for them and links to special promotions in this menu bar — and notice that it follows you as you scroll down the page.

Choose categories from the Menu Bar on the Home Page

Click “More” to see all categories

Easier to find products by category
When you pick a category, we’ll show you those specific products sorted to the top and clearly identified in that category. It’s much easier to see and select.

See coupons by category — and then all other Coupons

Smarter zip code personalization
Now there’s no need to enter your zip code on the home page to see available offers in your area. We do it for you. You can still change your zip code on the Account Setting page or on the Local tab for local offers only.

To change your zip code for grocery coupons, first Sign Up/Sign In

Once Signed In, click on “Account Setting”

Change your zip code and save changes

On the Local tab, change the zip code in the Menu Bar to see local offers

Today’s redesign is the first of a number of enhancements we plan to introduce over the next several months — stay tuned! We always listen to your feedback, and we’re committed to giving you the best savings site possible.

Have some thoughts to share with us? Great! Just use the Feedback tab on the home page to drop us a note. We love to hear from you.

Thanks for being savvy with us,

The Team


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