Pump Up Your Style with a New Pair of Glasses


Pump Up Your Style With a New pair of Glasses | Coupons.com

Gone are the days of being called ‘four-eyes’ or ‘Coke bottles’ – glasses are a geek chick accessory that are so popular, some people who don’t even need them will wear a faux prescription. Whether adding a stately, scholarly air to your look or working as a snazzy accessory, it’s more common than ever to have an entire glasses wardrobe to go with your daily outfit (or mood).

If you’re looking to expand your glasses collection, there’s never been a better time. EyeBuyDirect has a killer sale right now – BOGO on all women’s frames! Here are a few of our favorite finds you’ll be able to see yourself in no matter your personal style.

Can’t be pinned down to just one style? We don’t blame you! Expand your wardrobe with multiple pairs of glasses — a super easy feat when you’re taking advantage of EyeBuyDirect’s Buy One Get One Free Sale on all women’s frames! 


Your Style: Full on Fashionista

Hubris Clear Blue Eyeglasses – $25
A savvy shopper knows that a prescription for glasses doesn’t mean the end of fashionable outfits. Instead, she treats it like any other accessory in her wardrobe, opting for eye-catching styles like these clear slate blue wayfarer glasses. Naturally, after nabbing one flattering pair, you’ll want the other five shades to go with every outfit!

Your Style: Retro Review

Charlotte Purple Eyeglasses for Women – $29
There’s nothing wrong with adding a little bit of yesterday’s style to today’s fashion. Whether you’re rocking a polka dot top, circle skirt, or curled hair, a pair of classic cat’s eye glasses are a quirky, statement-making way to finish off your look.

Your Style: Total Tomboy

John Tortoiseshell Eyeglasses – $32
If you’re most at home in slouchy jeans and button-down tees, then your glasses should be equally relaxed. A unisex pair of tortoiseshell glasses gives your day-to-day looks that androgynous edge you’re comfortable with.

Your Style: Beautiful Bookworm

Concorde Brown / Golden Eyeglasses – $35
Glasses and librarians go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether you’re spending your days in the stacks or not is irrelevant – if your style mimics a librarian’s quiet, cozy elegance with plenty of plaid, knits, and cardigans, then try a pair of nerd-chic wood-framed glasses to up your bookish beauty.

Your Style: Techie #Trending

Prism Translucent Eyeglasses – $65
On your way to pitch with VCs? Spending your days typing code into a computer? These cool translucent frames would fit right in Silicon Valley – or whatever office you’re actually working in. Finish things off with a too cool to care effortless ensemble of a striped tee and skinny jeans.

Your Style: Eye for Arts

Lynx Blue Eyeglasses for Women – $39
If you travel in artsy circles, then you’ll know eyewear is one area where creative types like to have fun. Whether it’s an unexpected shape, color, or pattern, mix up your glasses collection with a few unique pairs to give your next gallery opening outfit some panache!

Your Style: Boho Babe

Chillax Red / Floral Eyeglasses – $15
A breezy aesthetic doesn’t exactly align with the formality of glasses – but there’s no reason why you can’t be a flower child and wear specs. Try this slightly oversized pair with a pretty cherry blossom print – it’s just the right hint of free spirit to accent your flowy skirts and peasant tops.

Your Style: Professional & Polished

Aura Matte Champagne Eyeglasses – $70
When you’re commanding attention in the boardroom, you want to ensure every piece of your ensemble portrays confidence. This classy, contemporary pair of glasses comes in six hues that all pretty much fade into your face, ensuring the attention is on what’s coming out of your mouth – not what’s on your face.

Your Style: Utterly Romantic

Fade Frosted Rose Glasses – $60
If you favor floral prints and frilly details, your glasses don’t have to be a hard stop for your otherwise feminine wardrobe. Pick a pair in a soft pink hue to give any outfit an instantly romantic accent that’ll make people look twice.

Your Style: Suburban Chic

Milo Matte Black Eyeglasses – $9
You want a pair (or two) of glasses that you can throw on with any outfit when you’re rushing to get the kids out the door – well, look no further. These timeless black frames are almost universally flattering and free from embellishment, giving you a confident, contemporary look no matter what you’re wearing them with.


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