National Ice Cream Day – Fun Facts & Deals

July is National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of the month is National Ice Cream Day.You know what that means.. scream for ice cream this Sunday, everyone! 🍦


Here are some fun insights our team uncovered about the best dessert in the whole world:

Fact 1: Chocolate and vanilla are the most popular flavors, followed by butter pecan, cookies & cream and coffee

Fact 2: Some of the least bought flavors are almond fig, coffee & scones, tea, brown sugar banana, Sonoran coffee, strawberry basil and sweet corn

Fact 3: July usually sees a 28% higher sales than the rest of year. It’s hot and nothing beats the heat like ice cream

Fact 4: The top 3 popular brands are Häagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s and Breyer’s. Halo is slowly rising to the top as buyers look for low-calorie options

Fact 5: What are the state favorites? Häagen-Dazs in California, Blue Bell in Texas and Turkey Hill in Pennsylvania are the highest selling brands

Fact 6: No ice cream is complete without toppings. Chocolate syrup, whipped cream, cookies and Oreo are the top ice cream toppings

Interesting, eh?


Now for the sweet deals: has a great selection of print and digital coupons for National Ice Cream Day. Score some delicious ice cream from great brands like Magnum, Häagen-Dazs, Outshine, Drumstick, Dreyer’s and more. Eat them all this weekend or stock them up for the summer.

Here are some other places you can find more ice cream deals and freebies. Enjoy! 🍦