Live Out Your Rock God Dreams: Buy an Instrument This Season!

Live Out Your Rock God Dreams: Buy an Instrument This Season! | thegoodstuff

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Whether you’ve fantasized about shredding on center stage of an arena show or are simply interested in plunking out a melody in the privacy of your bedroom, a musical instrument is a special purchase. Musical gifts work great for all ages too – from kids and teens showing some musical aptitude to adults that have long loved hitting the strings, keys or pads.

Get a jump start on your melodic gift buying this season — Musician’s Friend has amazing Black Friday doorbusters that will be music to your ears!

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Dean Vendetta Guitar & Amp Pack — $162.51 (Regular $372.50)

Dean Vendetta Guitar & Amp Pack  Metallic Black

If you’re shopping for a budding musician and aren’t ready to invest big bucks, this starter kit is a great bet. It features a quality basswood body and maple neck electric guitar, plus an amp, handy electronic tuner, strap, cord, picks, and a bag to stash the guitar when bringing it to a buddy’s place to jam. The amp also comes with a headphone jack so your wannabe rock god can practice away without disturbing the peace!

Electro-Voice CO4 Cobalt Dynamic Mic — $29.99 (Regular $169.99)

Electro-Voice CO4 Cobalt Dynamic Mic

For more seasoned performers looking to take the stage, a fantastic microphone is a must-have for ensuring every note is properly picked up. This amazingly priced mic highlights every twang of your acoustic or electric guitar and promises easy setup, whether at home or at a venue. Bonus! It even works well for vocalists – making it a great, affordable find for any singer-songwriters.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 STUDIO Headphones — $169.99 (Regular $269.99)

Beyerdynamic DT 770 STUDIO Headphones

A solid pair of studio headphones is essential for anyone looking to record a track, even if it’s just on their laptop. These awesome headphones ensure what you’re hearing in the headphones doesn’t leak out and disrupt your recording, while also keeping outside noises at bay so you can focus on the crisp, clear sounds you’re hearing. While they’re certainly designed to be studio-quality, these sharp headphones also work great when plugged into an amp for practicing or even out on the road when listening to your demos.

Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Honey Burst — $499 (Regular $832)

Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Honey Burst

Few electric guitars are as iconic as the Les Paul – the creator of the original electric guitar in tandem with Epiphone. This latest incarnation features the design elements that have made the guitar so coveted, alongside some modern day updates, like unevenly wound coils and Alnico-II magnets to give it an airy yet warm sound. Made from solid mahogany, this electric guitar also features toggles that allow you to create six unique tones all in one stylishly packaged axe.

Pulse 3-Piece Deluxe Junior Drum Set — $134.99 (Regular $199)

Pulse 3-Piece Deluxe Junior Drum Set

Have a rhythm king or queen in the house? This junior-sized drum set is the perfect way to set your would-be Ringo on the path to greatness. Designed as a pro-level drum kit in a youth-sized model, this three-piece set includes a snare, bass, and tom drum, as well as two cymbals. It even comes with a stool and drumsticks so your child has everything they need to drum up a storm – although you may want to consider also nabbing some practice pads for your sanity!

Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano with L-85 Stand — $649.98 (Regular $1,138)

Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano with L-85 Stand

Piano has just as much rock cred as a guitar – after all, many great songs are first plunked out using a piano. This digital piano offers a slim profile and amazing sound quality, including an unbelievable reproduction of Yamaha’s own grand piano. Not only that, it has tons of rhythms and effects that allow you to create a layered composition, as the piano automatically handles specific beats or chords, freeing up your hands to tack on more notes and melodies. There’s also an option to adjust the reverb to suit a your potential venue – from a cozy jazz club to an airy concert hall.

Washburn Forrest Lee Bender Acoustic Guitar Natural — $799 (Regular $1,426)

Washburn Forrest Lee Bender Acoustic Guitar Natural

You don’t know what good music sounds like till you’ve had the chance to strum a good quality acoustic guitar. This rosewood, cedar, and mahogany guitar has a unique hidden feature – the B-string has a built-in country music-style bender, which allows you to bring the note up a full step by pushing down on the neck. While benders are very common with electric guitars (particularly those used to create country’s signature twangy sound), this is the first Washburn acoustic guitar to have this feature available on what is otherwise a perfectly warm and strum-worthy axe.

If you’re getting your shopping done before Black Friday, don’t miss the amazing savings from Musicians Friend: Buy More Save More: Buy 1 item $99, get 5% off. Buy 2 items $199, get 10% off. Buy 3 items $299 get 15% off (valid 11/23-11/25)

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