Movie Storage Hacks (DIY Exclusive)


CD/DVDs, whether they are movies, television series, or video games, come in bulky storage boxes that take up a lot of space and can be difficult to keep compact, organized, and easy to navigate. If you’re tired of the space all the boxes take up, consider tossing the large cases in favor of paper envelopes. With this simple swap (and the addition of DIY dividers), your movie collection can go from several shelves to small, easily stored totes! Read on to see how to streamline your collection with our movie storage hacks.

What You Need:

  • CD/DVD Sleeves
  • Box or tote that will hold 5×5” sleeves
  • Colored cardstock
  • Tools: Scissors, printer, adhesive

What You Do:

  • Start by sorting your DVDs into alphabetical categories and transferring all the disks into the paper sleeves.
  • On a computer, design colored tabs with the letters of the alphabet printed (or written) on them. Consider adding other useful categories such as “Kids,” “Holiday,” and “Fitness. “ Print the tabs onto cardstock and cut out them out with scissors.

movie storage 1

  • Adhere the tabs to the tops of cardstock rectangles (cut to 4.75×5”) with adhesive. Place the tabs in different locations across the tops of the dividers to mimic file folders.
  • With your dividers complete and your movies sorted, load everything into totes.

movie storage 2

  • Now condensed, your DVDs can fit almost anywhere, including inside your media cabinet or under a coffee or side table!

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