20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful

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20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful | thegoodstuff
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So baby’s on the way, and you’re wondering, “Where do I even begin to prepare?” If you’ve ever cruised through a baby store or looked online for what all you’ll need to outfit your home for your little one’s arrival, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, in all the choices, gadgets, colors, and gizmos.

The questions might feel endless. How many bells and whistles should your stroller have? Which gadgets work and which are a waste of money? What items are worth splurging on and where can you save? You know you need the basics like a stroller, car seat, crib, and diaper bag — but what else should you be looking at?

First and foremost, recognize that it’s hard to predict what’s going to work for your baby and what their unique needs are. The reality is, just as we’re all different as adults, every baby is different, too. Don’t go overboard and buy every baby item you see before your little one’s big debut!

That being said, whether you’re looking for some trusted essentials for baby or you’re shopping for yourself, here’s a guide to 20 affordable and most essential baby items for first-time parents that are tried, tested, and beloved by moms everywhere. These may very well come in handy with your own new arrival!

Did you know there are tons of baby freebies just waiting for new parents like you out there? Find out how you can get free and discounted diapers, baby food, and even maternity clothes here!

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  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff
    Source: BuyBuy Baby

    1. Diaper Bag

    SKIP*HOP Forma Pack & Go Diaper Tote, $69.99 at Buy Buy Baby

    A diaper bag is a total no brainer, but the number of options are overwhelming. Here are some good things to look out for: Pick a bag that’s lightweight, weather-resistant, and features plenty of pockets to help you keep things organized.

    This affordable, brightly-colored bag also comes with a cushioned changing pad for on-the-go diaper swaps.

    If you’re a new parent, you’ll want to take advantage of the 20% off one in-store item BuyBuy Baby offers when you sign up for their email newsletter! (Exp. 8/31)

  • 2. An App for Mom & Dad

    The Wonder Weeks, $1.49-$1.99 on Google Play, the App Store, Amazon Appstore, and the Microsoft App Store

    Every baby is unique, but most babies tend to follow certain patterns in their development. This handy app keeps you in tune with the mental, physical, and developmental changes your baby is going through week by week, then breaks down how it’ll impact their moods and suggests ways to help them out. No wonder it was rated the coolest app for moms by She Knows!

  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff
    Source: Target

    3. Nursing Bra

    Bravado! Designs Women’s Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra, $44.99-$49 at Target

    Your body will definitely change shape during pregnancy — and once your baby has arrived. Do yourself a favor and get refitted so you’ve got an accurate cup size. This super comfortable nursing bra offers a silky smooth finish under everything in your wardrobe and comes in a huge range of colors. The stretchy fabric also molds to your body as it changes shape post-pregnancy.

    Target boasts a great selection of baby items, so be sure to shop with the latest Target coupons to save a few bucks!

  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff
    Source: Walmart

    4. Teether

    Sophie the Giraffe Teether, $23.21 at Walmart

    Some baby items are classics for a reason! This nontoxic rubber teething toy has been a baby shower staple for 40 years. The combination of the super cushy material with a unique shape that’s easy for babies to hold as their new teeth come in makes this a mainstay for any little one with sore gums.

    Need those baby items shipped straight to your door? They’ll be there waiting for you when you return home with baby, and you’ll get free shipping from Walmart for any order of $35+! (Exp. 8/31)

  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff
    Source: Target

    5. Infant Seat

    4moms mamaRoo Classic Infant Seat, $239.99 at Target

    If you’re going to spend a little more on an item, many moms will tell you that you can’t go wrong with a good quality motion chair or swing — provided your baby likes swinging. This beloved option from 4moms simulates five different natural motions you make when holding your baby, helping them to settle and relax.

    Looking for a more affordable option? The same company also offers a simpler rocking swing for nearly $100 less.

  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff
    Source: Amazon

    6. Lactation Cookies

    Milkmakers Lactation Cookies, $32.99/bag at Amazon.com or a DIY Recipe for “free!”

    Nothing is more frustrating than anticipating breastfeeding your baby and having a hard time lactating or keeping up with their milk demands. Luckily, there’s a sweet way to help stimulate milk production.

    Brewer’s yeast is the key ingredient in these cookies. If you’re baking-challenged, you can buy them ready made, but it’s also super affordable to create your own batch with a DIY recipe.

    Believe it or not, if you’re too busy with baby to go grab groceries, Amazon is the perfect place to order them up and have them delivered to your door. Don’t forget you can shop and save with Amazon coupons, too!

  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff
    Source: Kohl's

    7. White Noise Machine

    Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Owl Nightlight Soother, $40 at Kohl’s

    A good night’s sleep is a blessing for both you and your baby. This multi-tasking gadget comes with five different sounds and four songs for you to choose from to bring peace to your baby’s room. It’s also got two different light options and can be set with a timer so it’s not working all night long.

    As your new baby grows older, toys will be a fun way for them to try out their new senses and learn new skills. You can find some great deals on kids’ toys at Kohl’s — and save even more with Kohl’s promo codes!

  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff
    Source: Sears

    8. Play Mat

    2 Red Hens Toy Nanny and Play Mat, $21.73 at Sears

    Babies are prone to endless tumbles and falls, so a soft surface is ideal for keeping them safe. This colorful play mat is a total bargain. You can use it to stash toys and other baby essentials while on the go, then unfold it wherever you are for a comfortable, clean play space.

    Need a little help staying within your baby budget? Get $5 off any order of $50+ at Sears! (Exp. 8/31)

  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff

    9. Breast Pump

    Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump, $169.99 at Babies “R” Us

    If you’re breastfeeding, a good quality breast pump is essential. This electric pump is great whether you’re pumping at home or on the go, and mimics the feeling of a baby’s natural nursing pattern. Medela also has a cheaper manual option if you’re not sure about pumping, and fancier sets for those that need to rely on it heavily.

    Don’t forget baby’s bath time! Make their time in the tub even more fun with 15% off all bathtubs, bath toys, and accessories at Babies “R” Us! (Exp. 7/21)

  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff
    Source: Costco

    10. Soap

    The Honest Company Shampoo and Body Wash, $14.99 at Costco

    Everyone knows how plush a baby’s skin feels, so help it stay that way by opting for super gentle bath products.

    Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company prides itself on avoiding harsh cleansing agents and chemicals, while still offering up a lovely scent and good lather. This two-for-one package is a great value and features soothing calendula and chamomile for some natural aromatherapy.

    You might have heard a Costco membership can really pay for itself. If you’re not a member yet, keep an eye out for special offers when you sign up along with Costco coupons!

  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff
    Source: Kohl's

    11. Nipple Cream

    Boppy Bloom 1.7-ounce Soothing Breast Balm, $11.99 at Kohl’s

    Breastfeeding can be seriously taxing on your girls! Having a tube of moisturizing lotion handy is essential, but make sure you pick one that’s okay for babies.

    Some parents are concerned about lanolin, a sheep by-product that’s known to help soothe chapped or tender skin. If that’s the case, this lanolin-free version is still super soothing and contains 100 percent natural ingredients for your baby’s safety.

  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff
    Source: Walmart

    12. Floor Seat

    Bumbo Floor Seat, $39.42 at Walmart

    A chair might not be the most obvious item to pick up for your baby, but it can be invaluable as they learn to sit up on their own.

    The Bumbo is adored for its comfortable yet washable fabrication, and can make it easier for you to enjoy a few hands-free seconds while also tackling tasks like feeding or reading to your baby.

  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff
    Source: Amazon

    13. Baby Carrier

    Infantino Mei Tai Baby Carrier, $32.90 at Amazon

    There are dozens of baby carriers on the market, but if you’re not totally sure how much you’ll be carrying your baby, this is a super affordable, practical option for both mom and dad. Keep it handy in the car for impromptu jaunts. The unique design allows you to wear one of three ways for maximum versatility.

  • 14. Pajamas

    Twist Front Clip Down Nursing Nightgown, $29.98 at Motherhood Maternity

    In the early days of your baby’s arrival, you’ll pretty much be living in comfortable, sleep-ready clothing to make it a little easier to sneak in some shuteye. Opt for nursing-friendly pajamas, like this crossover jersey knit nightgown that features clip down straps for easy access.

    If you’re showing off that baby bump during these hot summer months, be sure to keep cool with these budget maternity dresses, swimsuits, and tops!

  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff
    Source: BuyBuy Baby

    15. Nasal Aspirator

    NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator, $15.99 at Buy Buy Baby

    This little device can save you and your baby a whole lot of pain. Use it to suck moisture and mucus from your baby’s nose without causing them discomfort — the device actually goes beside their nose instead of inside their nostril. Featuring handy disposable filters to prevent the spread of germs, this gadget is also dishwasher-friendly.

  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff
    Source: Walmart

    16. Receiving Blankets

    Garanimals 4-Pack Receiving Blankets, $7.97 at Walmart

    You can truly never have enough swaddle blankets or burp cloths when your baby makes its debut. Opt for brushed cotton flannel for a super soft and snuggly finish that will hold up after many washes.

    While you can splurge on higher end cloths, they’re one of the must-have essentials you should stock up on, so pick up a few packages at a lower price to outfit your baby goods.

  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff
    Source: Best Buy

    17. Coffee Travel Mug

    Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Travel Mug, $14.99 at Best Buy

    When you have a kid, grabbing a hit of caffeine can help you get through those early grueling days. Unfortunately, enjoying your drink while it’s still piping hot can be a challenge. Invest in a good travel mug that’ll keep your drink warm for hours, like this stainless steel option from Contigo that promises up to five hours of stay-warm time. Bonus: The travel mug format keeps you from spilling as you run around the house.

    Need some baby-friendly gadgets and toys? Keep an eye out for the latest Best Buy promo codes and deals!

  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff
    Source: Target

    18. Baby Wipes

    WaterWipes Single Pack, $3.99 at Target

    These all-natural wipes have just two ingredients: Water and fruit extract. This simple formulation makes them amongst the wettest wipes out there, making it a cinch to clean your baby while preventing diaper rash and protecting their sensitive skin.

    Best of all, they’re plenty affordable — stash a package in your diaper bag, car, home, and beyond to ensure you’re always primed for cleaning.

  • 20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful |thegoodstuff

    19. Sleep Sack

    HALO SleepSack Swaddle Blanket, $22.99 at Babies “R” Us

    When your baby first arrives, they may love being swaddled and wrapped up — it’s a comforting reminder of where they’ve been cozied up for the last nine months!

    A sleep sack is part sleeping bag, part blanket and can help your baby feel comfortable. This two-in-one option can be used as a full swaddle, or unwrapped for shorter daytime naps to just keep them warm and snuggly.

  • 20. Baby Monitor

    VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor, $39.71 at Amazon

    Keep tabs on your little one when you’re not in the room with this affordable, user-friendly baby monitor. Featuring a five-level sound indicator to quickly identify any disturbances, this handy unit can be clipped onto your clothing for total mobility.

    It also features a two-way radio capability. If you don’t want to enter the room but want to soothe your child, try speaking to them to help calm them down.

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20 Ways to Make Life as a New Parent Less Stressful

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