Mobile Apps that Make Fitness Fun

It’s January 24—do you know where your New Year’s resolutions are?

If one of your goals for 2013 is to get healthier, join the club—that’s one of the most common resolutions made every year. But even by the end of January, motivation can begin to wane and working out in the cold wee hours of the morning can start to lose what little appeal it had.

Never fear, mobile apps are here. If you need some encouragement and accountability, check out these apps that can make fitness more fun.

Lose It!Lose It! – free. If you’re a numbers person and love small rewards, try Lose It! This app takes the information you enter for your weight and fitness goals and helps you create a food and exercise plan. Connect Lose It! with Facebook or other social networks and it will share your successes with your friends.

Eat This Not That!Eat This, Not That! – $4.99. A healthy diet is an important part of an effective fitness plan With the app Eat This, Not That!, you’ll learn about foods you thought were health but aren’t, plus get suggestions for healthy alternatives so you’re not left hanging.

Body FateBodyFate – $1.99. Fun characters, like Mr. Good Karma, and inspirational quotes will keep you encouraged as work out with BodyFate. If you’ve longed for a personal trainer but don’t want to spend the big bucks, try this app. It’ll change up your workout every time you use it, plus it’s informative, challenging and fun to use.

iMuscleiMuscle – $1.99. With in-depth muscle analysis, workout descriptions and lifting techniques, this app can assist a casual user or fine tune an experienced lifter. By simply tapping on a body part, iMuscle shows you exercises that are focused on that area with a 3D model of how to perform each lift.

FitocracyFitocracy – free. This social networking app helps you track workouts, earn points (to promote you to different levels), “slay the laziness dragon” and follow other members (or compete with them) for motivation. Fitocracy was named an App of the Year in Men’s Journal.

Nike Training ClubNike Training Club – free. This women-specific app gives you access to more than 114 different workouts created by professional athletes and top trainers (like Rihanna’s personal trainer).