Mobile Apps for Dads: Last-Minute Ideas for Father’s Day

Step away from that tie and get Dad something for Father’s Day that he’ll really use. How about a few bucks or an iTunes gift card along with this handy list of mobile apps that are designed specifically for dads and dudes? You can find apps that will help dad teach kids about money, and apps that will save him money.

Take a look.

The Bank of Dad (free for iPhone)

This is ideal for every dad who feels like an ATM machine. The app helps dads teach the value of money. With every deposit and withdrawal kids make, the app keeps a running tally of their balances. So allowances, money for chores and cash advances can all be tallied in a separate “account” for each kid.

Grocery iQ (free for iPhone, iPad and Android)

Next time you send Dad to the store, don’t let him leave home without this app. Grocery iQ by allows users to create multiple shopping lists, and everyone in the family can sync their lists across multiple devices. So if eggs are on your list and you pick some up, dad will be able to see that you’ve checked them off and won’t come home with an extra dozen. You can create lists from an extensive product database either on your mobile or on the website, plus find related coupons and much more.

Grill Guide ($.99 for iPhone and Android)

Give your dad the gift of perfectly grilled meats. This app will help him measure the thickness of that steak with its handy digital ruler and determine how long it should cook. It also has instructions for over 100 different items, including meats, vegetables and fruits.

iHandy Carpenter ($1.99 for iPhone)

If your Dad’s a handyman, this app can lighten his load. It features five digital tools, including a bubble level, a protractor and a plumb bob.

Findmytap (free on Android and iPhone)

If Dad is a beer connoisseur, this app will help him find his favorite beers on tap in any U.S. city along with links and directions. He can even create a list of his favorite brews.

Life360 (free on Android and iPhone)

After registering at, Dad can connect all of the family’s cell phones to his account and use this app to locate family members in case of an emergency. Family members can also press a “panic button” which will send an email or text message showing their GPS location. Plus, it’s compatible with non-smartphones.

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