No Yard Necessary with Mini-Gardens & Hanging Plants

No Yard Necessary with Mini-Gardens & Hanging Plants | thegoodstuff

It’s gardening season, but you may not have the space or the time for a sprawling outdoor garden. If that’s the case, you can keep your green thumb alive with potted plants, hangings, and mini gardens that are easy to maintain and look beautiful on your shelf, tabletop, or desk. Get creative with materials you have on hand, or get ambitious and create something from scratch. And if you need soil, seeds, or other planting necessities, grab a Home Depot or Lowes coupon code before shopping.

Fabric Basket Potted Plant

1. fabric potted plant 1

Get the step-by-step tutorial for how to make your own beautiful fabric flower pot here.

Floating Air Plant

2. floating air plant

Source: Homedit

This minimalist air plant would look super chic on your desk, and it’s surprisingly easy to make. Make a small circular holder out of floral wire, and stick it into a wooden cube base.

Shy Face Potted Plant

3. shy face potted plant

Source: The Desi Wonder Woman

Turn a plain white pot into an adorably shy character. All you need is the free printable, scissors, and glue.

Gumball Machine Succulent Planter

4. gumball machine suculent planter

Source: The Crafted Sparrow

Fill a gumball machine with something that’s much better for your health. Put white pebbly gravel in the base, and stick in either faux succulents or a layer of soil and the real deal.

Succulent Zen Garden

5. succulent zen garden

Source: Dwell Beautiful

All you need to find your inner peace is a glass container, sand, and succulent plant. Whenever you need a mindful respite, doodle patterns into the sand with a pencil (or your finger) for an instant uplift.

Yarn Wrapped Hanging Planter

6. yarn wrapped hanging planter

Source: Blitsy

Turn a Dollar Store hanging planter into pretty home decor by wrapping it in yarn. Variegated yarn will give you a lovely striped look, but you could also your favorite solid hue.

Balsa Wood Planters

7. balsa wood planters

Source: Bre Purposed

A color blocked paint job makes these balsa wood planters chic and modern. Copper foil tape adds a touch of shimmer.

Candy Bowl Hanging Planter

8. candy dish hanger

Source: Shrimp Salad Circus

This Anthro-inspired knockoff costs $5 to make (compared to the original’s $68 price tag) and about an hour. Just drill holes in a candy dish, free-hand paint zigzag designs, and hang using leather cording.

Air Plant Hangers

9. air plant hangers

Source: Homey Oh My

These simple but effective hangers are made from wooden dowels and suede cording. Make a few in different lengths for striking wall decor.

Plaster Egg Planter


10. plaster egg planter
Source: Victoria Brikho

Use an inflated balloon as the base for creating this plaster egg planter. Cover the balloon with wet plaster, allow to dry, pop the balloon, and cut the edges for an eggshell look.

Hanging Eggshell Planters

11. hanging egg shell planters

Source: Fall for DIY

You could also opt for the real thing and use eggshells to create a multi-tiered hanger for tiny plants. Simply fill eggshells with soil and little plants, and create itty bitty hammocks with cording.

Magnetic Daffodil Planters

12. magnetic daffodil planters

Source: Delineate Your Dwelling

Upcycle old spice jars into pretty magnetic daffodil planters. Decorate them with washi tape and paint, and secure magnets to the back with hot glue.

Suspended Board Hanging

13. hanging plaque

Source: Knobz

A hanging plaque can have two totally different looks. Use it as a tabletop for a vase, or cut out a circle for inserting a glass full of greenery.

Mug Grass

14. Mug grass

Source: Pleasure in Simple Things

This sweet mug of grass would make for a wonderful gift and if you plant wheatgrass, you’ll have a patch in about a week. Use potting soil instead of outdoor soil to avoid bringing insects and other unwanted creatures.

Disco Ball Planters

15. disco ball planters

Source: A Bubbly Life

Remove the top of an old disco ball ornament to turn it into a planter that’s ready to party. You might need to trim a bit off of the ball’s bottom so it will stand flat.

Wooden Spool Succulent Planters

16. antique wooden spool planters

Source: The Magic Onions

Perfect decor for those who love to sew. Use chopsticks to stuff soil into large wooden spools (available at antique and thrift stores). Make a hole in the soil with a needle, and stick in your succulent.

Woven Planter

17. woven planter

Source: The Lovely Drawer

Weavings aren’t just for the wall! Make a wire frame and weave into it to create a lovely holder for a small plant.

Macrame Hanging Plant

18. macrame hanging planter

Source: Brit & Co

These bright hangings are made from strips of jersey fabric. Do some strategic knotting, and you’ve got the perfect place to hang a potted plant.

Hanging Strawberry Planter

19. hanging strawberry planter

Source: We Made That

This easy project is fun to do with kids, who will enjoy making hanging plants they can eat! Paint old tin cans, punch holes in the bottom, and plant with strawberry plants.

Kitchen Succulents

20. kitchen succulents

Source: Young Austinian

If you have soil and succulents, this is a free way to decorate your kitchen. Plant tiny succulents in old food tins of various shapes and sizes (no need to remove the labels), or even a mini cast iron skillet.

Mason Jar Herb Garden

21. mason jar herb garden

Source: One Good Thing by Jillee

Nothing tastes better than fresh herbs seasoning your spring and summer dishes. To have your own close at hand, plant them in mason jars, and label with chalkboard tags.

Hanging Herb Garden

22. hanging herb gardens

Source: Persephone Magazine

To save on counter space, you could create a hanging herb garden instead. Cover old tins in prettily patterned and colorful fabrics, and wrap herbs in a coffee filter before inserting to prevent soil from falling out.

Embroidery Hoop Plant Hanger

23. embroidery hoop hanging plant

Source: Northstory

Glue a bowl into an embroidery hoop to create this beautiful suspended hanger. You can switch up the size to suit your space, or even make a little collection.

Birdcage Hanging Garden

24. birdcage planter

Source: Whats Ur Home Story

This project is not for the birds. A fresh paint job and coconut liner turn a birdcage into a bright flower hanging that would look perfect on your patio- or would make a dramatic indoor statement.

Broken Pot Fairy Garden

25 broken pot mini gardem

Source: Garden 101

The cutest use for a broken flower pot; turn it into a miniature fairy garden, complete with itty bitty steps. Plant it with moss and succulents, or add flowers- and even tiny gnomes.

If you don’t have the space or time for a full-fledged garden, you can still keep a bit of nature close by with potted plants, plant hangings, or miniature gardens. You can go all out and build from scratch, or used upcycled materials like cans and wooden spools. Either way, you’ll  add both beauty and a touch of life (and maybe even edibles) to your surroundings.

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