Easy Summer Appetizer: Mini Caprese Bites

Mini Caprese YT Thumb

On a warm summer day, cooking in a hot kitchen is something I hope to avoid. I usually crave something light and cool, and these Mini Caprese Bites are just that! With the flavors of a traditional caprese salad in every bite, they make great finger foods for an afternoon snack or party appetizer. I love making them for summer gatherings and since they only require a few ingredients, they’re totally budget-friendly. Make a plate of these with a refreshing drink for the perfect way to enjoy some sunshine!

Mini Caprese Bites


  • Cherry tomatoes

  • Mini fresh mozzarella balls

  • Fresh basil

  • Olive oil for drizzle, if desired

  • Toothpicks

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1. Cut about a dozen cherry tomatoes in half.

2. Insert toothpick into cherry tomato, mini-mozza ball, fresh basil leaf, and then another cherry tomato.

3. Repeat until plate is filled and drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper.

4. Serve immediately and enjoy!