Memorable Gifts for Your Bridal Party

If you’re tying the knot this summer, all eyes are on you, and for good reason—what an exciting time of celebration as you begin this new journey.

Just don’t forget to thank the friends and family members who are suiting up to help lead you down the aisle and off into your new life as newlyweds. Here’s how to show your bridal party a little love and appreciation without breaking the bank.


  • Engrave your bridesmaids’ names and your wedding date on a set of wine glasses. Get 25% off at Things Remembered.
  • Put together a spa package with a pair of flip-flops to match the bridesmaids’ dresses. This will give them something to change into when the dancing begins. Write a personal note of thanks on the bottom of the sandals with a metallic permanent marker.
  • Buy a customized hanger and a little clutch to go with their dress. You can have a tag with a special message sewn into the lining of the bag.


  • Wrap a tie around the neck of a wine bottle. Save 15% at and design your own label. Include an image of your grooms (perhaps a fun bachelor party shot?) and the wedding date.
  • Buy monogrammed mini coolers and stock them with refreshments for the wedding weekend.

Flower girls will love a charm bracelet. Start them off with a flower charm to commemorate their special role in the celebration. Or use this coupon code to buy a bridal Barbie doll.

Ring bearers must handle the safekeeping of your jewels, so why not give them a safe place to stash their cash? Piggy banks come in all shapes and sizes, including boy-friendly trains and trucks. Get it engraved for an added touch.

You can create personalized t-shirts starting at just $6 on They have over 100 wedding-related designs to choose from, so there truly is something for everyone involved in your wedding.