15 Crafts to Make with Mardi Gras Beads


Mardi Gras is upon us, and heaps of colorful throw beads are a celebration essential. But don’t forget about them once the party is over. These inexpensive accessories can be used to dress up everything from drink coasters to chandeliers. Since they’re easy to buy in bulk and come in a wide range of colors, and since most of the time all you need to get creative with them is some glue, they’re a crafter’s dream material.

1. Bowls

mardi gras bead bowl

Find instructions on how to make these exclusive to The Good Stuff sparkly love arrows DIY here!

2. Coasters

coastersSource: Rust and Sunshine

You could make these coasters to suit any holiday depending on the color choice (green and gold for St. Patrick’s Day, pastels for Easter, etc.). Simply start with a felt base and attach beads to the top in a spiral formation.

3. Necklace

necklaceSource: The Fancy Stanton

Turn a bunch of single necklaces into one big statement necklace. Braid several strands together and secure the ends with pieces of ribbon.

4. Chandelier

chandelierSource: DIY Tag

You can turn a simple wire base into a dramatic chandelier with a little patience and lots of beads. This all-over blue version is lovely, but you could also make a dramatic decor statement with a multicolor creation.

5. Earrings

earringsSource: Brit + Co

Cover a pair of inexpensive or old hoop earrings with a layer of beads for a wearable Mardi Gras accessory. Don them day or night, with any outfit, for an instant wardrobe upgrade.

6. Shoes

shoesSource: US Trendy

Heels covered in Mardi Gras beads might be the ultimate party shoe. Make your own by gluing strands of beads to a plane pair of stilettos, and don’t forget a coating of glitter on the heel.

7. Wreath

wreathSource: Aunt Peaches

Give your porch a party vibe with this dangly bead wreath. Simply hang strings of beads from a Dollar Store wreath base for a quick, easy, and super cheap project.

8. Candle Votives

candle votivesSource: Celebrations

Beads look even more beautiful with a candlelit glow. Wrap clear glass votives in beads for an instant upgrade to your table decor.

9. Wine Bottle

wine bottleSource: Mattscrap via Etsy

Celebrate Mardi Gras with a bottle of wine (or a few), then use leftover beads to turn them into works of art. Use them as eye-catching table centerpieces for a dinner party, or as unique mantle decor.

10. Boot Tray

boot traySource: Metal and Mud

This winter weather boot tray is a practical and beautiful addition to your entryway. To make, cover a tray with beads arranged in a colorful pattern, and use it to store soppy footwear.

11. Vase

vaseSource: Life A La Mode

Turn a plane vase into a bejeweled centerpiece for displaying flowers, feathers, or whatever you like. All gold is classy, but you could throw in some color too.

12. Napkin Rings

napkin ringsSource: Milwaukee Interior Design Coach

Wrapped beads make for an easy napkin ring that’s perfect for a Mardi Gras fete, but work well for any other dinner party. And guests can wear them when they’re done dining.

13. Easter Eggs

easter eggsSource: Craftgrrl

Easter will be here before you know it. Instead of the usual dye job, wrap foam eggs in Mardi Gras beads- they’ll be better suited to weather the hunt on Easter morning, and you can use them again next year.

14. Plant Pots

plant potsSource: Sanna and Sania

Brighten up your plant pots with a coating of green beads (or any color that matches your decor). Be sure to stick them on your windowsill for passerbys to admire.

15. Side Table

side tableSource: Rob Corley

For a seriously bold addition to your home decor, cover a small side table in beads of various colors, shapes, and sizes. This one will take some time, but the dramatic results are well worth the effort.

Mardi gras beads might be the perfect DIY material – inexpensive, versatile, and available in a wide range of colors. And don’t be afraid to think beyond the projects shown here; you can use glue to wrap them around almost any base (ornaments, candlestick holders, even small pieces of furniture). Use them to add a bit of bling and a party vibe to everything from wearable accessories to home decor.


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