Make Your Own Homemade Cleaning Products [Recipes]

Make Your Own Homemade Cleaning Products [Recipes] | the good stuff

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There are so many reasons to go natural with your kitchen cleaners. The kitchen is a place where you prep and store food, so keeping that area free of chemicals just makes sense. The whole family deserves to have dinner without a layer of toxic cleaner on the kitchen table.

Love homemade cleaning products? Discover even more all-natural cleaning hacks, including how to clean with salt and how to clean with lemons.

Another great reason to go all-natural? You’ll be amazed by how much money you save using homemade cleaning products over buying store-bought ones! Most natural cleaning ingredients like baking soda and vinegar are incredibly cheap. I’ve rounded up 10 recipes for homemade cleaning products that will get the job done without harsh chemicals.

Once you’ve made a batch (or 10!) of homemade cleaning products, make your own all-purpose, re-useable mop pads.

1. Lemon & Clove Nightly Sink Scrub


Source: Clean Mama

It doesn’t take long for your sink to become a filthy, germ-ridden mess. A quick nightly scrub-down with this lemon clove sink scrub will make it squeaky clean. The clove oil has natural anti-bacterial properties, and aroma from the oils will make your kitchen smell totally amazing.

Grab Arm & Hammer® coupons and get scrubbing after you save on baking soda!

2. 2-Ingredient Kitchen Cabinet Gunk Remover


Source: One Good Thing

Ever notice the grime on your kitchen cabinets? You might not realize how dirty they are until you use this kitchen cabinet cleaner. You’ll be wowed by how clean your cabinets look, and the grime will disappear like magic!

3. Non-Toxic Floor Cleaner


Source: Condo Blues

If mud season has your floors looking like a disaster scene, it’s time to try this non-toxic floor cleaner that’s safe for kids and pets. Just a few simple ingredients gets your floors spiffy clean with no trace of muddy paw prints or sticky juice spills!

Before you grab the dish detergent for your non-toxic floor cleaner, be sure to check for Method® and Seventh Generation™ coupons

4. Chemical-Free Refrigerator Cleaner


Source: One Good Thing

Open your fridge and take a whiff. Chances are, it doesn’t smell fantastic. Funky fridge smell or rotting food aroma may waft out when the door opens. Spritz some chemical-free refrigerator cleaner on the inside surfaces of your fridge and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe it down for a clean, fresh-smelling fridge!

Stock up on vinegar with Heinz coupons, then find more ways you can clean up your home with vinegar.

5. Granite Countertop Cleaner


Source: Down Home Inspiration

Ever notice how your granite countertops work wonders at camouflaging old food spills and gunk? A few sprays of this homemade granite cleaner and your counters will be spotless, whether you know it or not!

6. Homemade Window Cleaner


Source: The Frugal Girls

Commercial window cleaners can leave your house smelling like a toxic waste dump. This homemade window cleaning formula is non-toxic, yet still cleans up all those dirty fingerprints and smudges your kids leave all over the clean windows. It even works on glass stovetops!

This recipe for homemade glass cleaner uses Dawn® detergent, so be sure to grab some Dawn® coupons before you shop!

7. Homemade Stainless Steel Cleaner


Source: I Am That Lady

Are those fingerprints all over your stainless steel appliances? Water drips, fingerprints, and food smudges can make your stainless steel appliances look pretty awful. This one-ingredient stainless steel cleaner is amazingly effective, and most likely you already the single ingredient in your cupboard!

8. Natural Oven Cleaner


Source: Craptastical

Store-bought oven cleaner has a nasty ingredient list, and using it can expose you to toxic fumes. Try this natural oven cleaner that contains lemon juice and vinegar to work hard at removing grime. You’ll feel better about sticking your head in the oven to reach that hard to get to spot!

9. Citrus-Rosemary Kitchen Drain Cleaner


Source: PopSugar

A lot of food scraps make their way down the kitchen sink drain, and eventually rotten food smells make the drain stink. Fill ice cube trays with this citrus-rosemary drain cleaner, and pop a frozen cube or two down the drain when you get an “off” smell coming from your drain. Turn on your garbage disposal and experience the fresh, clean scent of these amazing cubes!

10. Kitchen Cleaning Wipes


Source: Crystal & Co.

Make a tub of DIY antibacterial cleaning wipes for your kitchen. Tea tree oil has natural anti-bacterial properties, and you’ll be glad to know what goes into the wipes you’re using on your food prep surfaces. These wipes come in super handy and are extremely convenient to use!


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