Why It’s OK Not to Make Resolutions

It is that time. Time to watch the old year disappear into the past as the New Year presents itself in the fanfare of celebration. That feeling of a fresh start and a renewed hope for success in the New Year is at the forefront. I, for one, love New Years. Except for one thing: New Year’s Resolutions. Having made so many in the past, I am well aware of the speed in which I fail at them. So this year, I have decided that it is totally OK not to make a New Year’s resolution! Instead, I am making real goals that could make a real difference in my life.!

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Make a Better You By Allowing for Growth

I see it all over the Internet. I will quit smoking this year. I will finally lose this extra weight. I will get my entire house organized, closets too, by the end of the month. Resolution after resolution streams past me. A few weeks later follows the stream of the emergency cigarette consumption, the sugar binge with besties and the realization that it may take a month to get through one closet, much less the whole house.

Instead of resolutions being the way you will gauge the success of the year, make changes that are small but totally attainable. In addition, allow it to be OK to have a day (or two) that is not perfect. They say that it takes repetitive action of 21 days to make or break a habit. So give yourself 21 days and then 21 more to create what you want for yourself!

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Make Plans to Improve from the Inside Out

Yes, it is a wonderful thing to get in shape and to kick a bad habit. It is also OK to kick the resolution habit and make a real effort to just be better from the inside out! Plan acts of kindness. Read a few more books. Watch a movie you would never consider and write down three things you liked about it. Expand your horizons with a museum day with the kids. Learn what you can about who you are and why you are so awesome and then watch as it helps you make better decisions that can affect your outside.

Based on personal experience, I think the tradition of resolutions is just too much pressure. If you want to make a change, make it any time of year and start it when you feel the motivation. Waiting on a “big day” is just hard to do. The biggest change in my life happened in the middle of summer at 3 P.M. with no fanfare. I have kept that promise to myself ever since! But my desire to experience life and to grow as a person on the inside first is an ongoing thing that has only added to a better life all around!