This Engagement Chicken Recipe Will Make Your Dreams Come True


Macy's Engagement Chicken Recipe | thegoodstuff

Are you dreaming of the day your SO pops the question? Don’t wait around! Make this delicious Engagement Chicken and they’ll be down on one knee, a rockin’ ring in hand in no time!

Have you heard of Engagement Chicken before? Legend has it this recipe was circulated around the Glamour Magazine office back in the 1980s. After four different women made it for their boyfriends, they soon became engaged.

This secret recipe remained hidden until 2003, when then Glamour editor Cindi Leive caught wind of its magical properties. She named the recipe “Engagement Chicken” and ran it in the December 2003 issue. Afterward, readers sent in stories of how they made the Engagement Chicken recipe for their boyfriends, who then realized how silly they were being and (finally) popped the question. If you ask Glamour about the recipe, they’ll claim at least 70 women have gotten engaged thanks to Engagement Chicken!

Now if that story doesn’t convince you that this recipe is begging to be made, the delicious flavors totally will! And if you’re already happily engaged or married, there’s always room for more love and lots of compliments for this tasty dish!

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Engagement Chicken Recipe


• 1 whole chicken
• 1/2 cup lemon juice
• Salt & pepper
• 2 lemons
• Basil & rosemary for garnish

Macy's Engagement Chicken Recipe | thegoodstuff


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