Love Stories from Our Friends


Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honor all the love in the air today, we want to share some of our favorite stories that people have submitted in our Valentines’ Day Sweepstakes. There’s still time to share yours here in order to enter to win a dream vacation!

For now, here are ten of our favorites. Maybe they will inspire you to tell us yours.

  1. “We met on New Year’s Eve. He told me he loved me on Valentine’s Day. We got engaged on July 4th and married on Thanksgiving! In our 15th year we are more in love than ever!”
  1. “I married my mother’s best friend’s son. In our short 7 years of marriage, he battled cancer and won, and we are now pregnant with our third baby. Our second post-chemo miracle. My husband is my soul mate and I deeply cherish him.”
  1. “I knew all-encompassing and powerful, crazy, over the top love the first time I held my son in my arms. It humbled me, brought me to tears, and changed my world forever.”
  1. “I met the love of my life through an ad in a NYC newspaper, the Village Voice, 22 years ago. He was the 24th interviewee and he got the job! We have since adopted our dream child, at birth, 10+ years ago.”
  1. “I was stationed in Twin Falls, Idaho as a U.S. Marine on recruiting duty. I went to Sears and that is when I met the woman of my dreams! She is from the smallest county in Idaho. The chance of us ever meeting was similar to winning the lottery. She followed me over 3,000 miles away to my last duty station here in Boston. It was a once in a lifetime story of romance.”
  1. “My husband and I were born just 12 hours apart in the same hospital, and our mothers shared a postpartum room. I guess you could say it was love at first sight! We reunited in high school and have been together ever since!”
  1. “I was traveling on business and out with a colleague when a stranger started to talk to me at the bar. I couldn’t have been less interested, but was curious about his aloof friend. His friend and I started talking and I knew right away there was something special about him. That was over 15 years ago, and now Mr. Aloof and I are married with two children!”
  1. “When I met my husband, my dog instantly fell in love with him.”
  1. “My love story is simple: At age 40 I am finally learning to love myself, let go of past hurts and let in the love of others.”
  1. “My heart melts when I receive random small notes from my 78-year-old mother telling me just how much she loves me.”


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