Valentine’s Love Mug (DIY Exclusive)


Sip from something sweetly decorated with colorful little hearts. This Love Mug is a super quick and easy project so you can DIY an entire set to happify your kitchen decor.



  • White ceramic mug
  • Colorful permanent markers such as Sharpies

love mug steps


  • Working from top to bottom (and left to write if you’re right-handed, right to left if you’re left-handed), draw hearts onto the mug. Start each heart by drawing its outline, then fill it in. You may find that some colors look best with a couple layers.
  • Keep drawing lots of little hearts all over the mug, spacing them however far or close you like. Embrace some wonkiness in your hearts!
  • To set the marker so that it’s hand washable, put the mug into a cold oven and turn it to 450 degrees. Once it reaches this temperature, leave the mug in for another 45 minutes.

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