Look Who’s Talking: Six Cell Phone Tips You Can’t Live Without

Do you remember life B.C.—before cell phones? It’s hard to believe we made it through the day without the use of a mobile device. Today our cell phones take pictures, play music, store grocery lists, send tweets, and (of course) make phone calls. But as convenient as they may be, they can also cause a lot of headaches (like costly replacements, hefty bills, bad service, etc.).

Here are some quick tips to help you deal with the most common cell phone woes.

  • According to BillShrink.com, 8 out of 10 people overpay for their cell phone service. Go to their site, tell them about your cell usage, and they will scan hundreds of plans. Not only will they find the best value, but they’ll also analyze signal strength at locations that matter the most to you, like home and work.
  • If your mobile won’t turn on, there’s a good chance the battery is to blame. To test this theory, take out the battery and plug your phone into the charger. If your phone powers up without it, then you probably need a new battery.
  • Water damage is a cell phone’s worst enemy, but if your phone goes for a swim, act fast and you may be able to save it. Remove the battery and the SIM card (not all phones have one), use a cloth to dry the phone, then put it in a bowl of uncooked rice overnight which will hopefully draw out the remaining moisture.
  • Losing your phone can cost big bucks. Even if you have insurance, you will probably have to shell out some cash for a refurbished replacement. But think twice before buying smartphones from a third-party seller or online auction site. Some providers blacklist stolen cell phones and will not reactivate them.
  • If you want to ramp up the sound on your mobile, skip the fancy speakers. Put your smartphone in a paper cup instead to instantly amplify sound and give you a little extra volume. This works great for music or if you need a louder alarm to get you up in the morning.
  • There are millions of accessories out there, from touchscreen gloves to car docks and everything in between. While many are a waste of money, a phone case is not. That little $25 investment offers a lot of protection. Save 10% at Case-Mate.com.

One last tip: If your phone goes missing, you’ll want to have a free app like Find My iPhone downloaded and ready to go. It will map your phone’s approximate location, set a passcode remotely to protect your info and send a message to the home screen with contact info.


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