Make Colorful Light Bulb Art with Recycled Materials

Make Colorful Light Bulb Art with Recycled Materials | thegoodstuff

Even after the lights go out, you can still put bulbs to good use with this fun and funky home decor. Colorful light bulbs make for a playful and unexpected work of art, perfect for adorning your mantle or for use as a tabletop centerpiece.


  • Old light bulbs
  • Short pieces of plastic electrical tubing (available at hardware stores), one for each light bulb (the display shown uses two different sizes)
  • Spray paint in colors of your choosing
  • Scrap pieces of cardboard
  • Drop cloth or plastic for your work area

1. light bulb art 1


  1. To start, you’ll want to make small cardboard stands for each light bulb to make spray painting easier. For each light bulb, cut a square of cardboard, about 4” x 4”, make a hole in the middle of the cardboard, and stick in the base of the light bulb.
  2. Spray paint each light bulb while holding onto the cardboard base. Try to hold the spray can as far away as possible so the paint doesn’t go on too thick or drippy.
  3. Spray paint the pieces of plastic tubing. You can just spray paint them while they’re sitting on the plastic or drop cloth. Dont’ worry about the bottom since they’ll be sitting on those, and don’t worry about the insides since they won’t be visible.
  4. Once everything has dried, stick the light bulbs into the tubing, and you’re done. Display them however you like! (If you’d like them to be more stable, you can add some glue to the inside of the tubing before inserting the bulbs).

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