Star Wars Dark or Light Side: Where Do You Stand?

Star Wars Lenovo

The Force has been reawakened and Star Wars is flying back into theaters this holiday season, to the delight of fans young and old. While traditionally we’re all supposed to root for the good guys, part of what makes the Star Wars series so fun is the electrifying and not always black and white conflict between the Dark Side and the Light Side.

In fact, Stars Wars is one of the few series out there where there’s as much merch for Darth Vader (or Kylo Ren) fans as there is for Luke Skywalker and his merry band of do-gooder rebels (like new star Rey).

Here’s a few reasons why the Light Side and the Dark Side both rock – and some awesome gift inspiration when you’re shopping for a member of either side of the force.

Where does your loyalty lie? Let it be known with a Lenovo 910 glass 2-in-1 laptop with Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire design. Up to 34% Off Star Wars Yoga 910 laptops, starting at $949.99 using coupon code HOLIDAY50.

Lenovo Yoga 910
Let’s hear it for the good guys! Or are they…? After all, Jedi (those that tap into the Light Side of the Force) are responsible for majorly disrupting the ‘current’ order of the Star Wars universe, oftentimes with quite a bit of collateral damage. They do mean well of course – Luke, Leia, Han Solo and the gang, whether Jedi or simply part of the rebellion, have long been fighting for peace and prosperity as opposed to the Sith’s more sinister goals of conquest and power. If you identify with the Light Side, you’re heroic, brave, good-natured, and determined, to name just a few positive traits.

Here are just a few other reasons why the Light Side is where it’s at:

  • Your use of the Light Side means you can actually Jedi trick people’s minds, minimizing potential physical damage but maximizing your cool factor
  • You respect tradition and actually care about refining your abilities for the greater good, as opposed to simply blundering on forward to protect yourself from your enemies
  • In general, those that have used the Force for good have been more powerful, signaling the Force itself ultimately wants to believe in its Light Side too
  • You’re known for your fearlessness and willingness to go there no matter the stakes
  • The most incredible powers and abilities you can wield from the Force come from the Light Side – including immortality. Living forever > pretty much anything cool about the Dark Side, right?

Lenovo Star Wars Gifts
Shopping for a Light Side devotee or wannabe Jedi? Here’s what they’ll need to be successful in their mission to defend the galaxy from its power hungry overlords:

  • Lightweight Connectivity: Help your Jedi stay connected with the rest of the rebels by gifting them a lightweight computer, like Lenovo’s Yoga 910 Glass Star Wars laptop. With an ultrathin bezel and slim profile to stash in your getaway bag, all-metal unibody that’ll stand up to any attack, and weighing just 3 lbs, this 0.56” thin laptop is easy to carry anywhere…plus it comes with a cool Jedi decal to show the world just where you stand.
  • Good Footwear: If there’s one thing Jedi do a lot of, it’s run! There’s a reason why Rey and Luke have sturdy leather shoes that’ll work in any terrain. Look for a cool pair of winter boots to upgrade your favorite Light Side member’s wardrobe.
  • Brain Food: Jedi harness the Light Side of the Force by repressing their emotions and focusing their minds. Aromatherapy and meditation are great ways for Jedis-in-training to hone their skills; look for powerful incense, a meditation pillow, and a zen app like Calm to get their minds centered.

Lenovo Yoga 910
If you’re aligned with the Dark Side, it doesn’t mean you’re bad. It just means you love the idea of a world where having immense power means you don’t have to answer to anyone. Like members of Harry Potter’s Slytherin House or wannabe teamsters for Suicide Squad, the Sith (those that feed off the Dark Side of the Force) are street smart, bold, and confident. Here are a few of the best things about being part of the Dark Side:

  • You’re actually in power, providing order to the galaxy
  • The Sith have an easier time harnessing the power of The Force. Shortcuts are the best – who needs years of boring training and meditating?
  • Directness is your friend – there’s no sneaking around or hatching plots by the Sith. They’re just badass and not afraid to let people know that’s the case
  • Innovation is key to the Dark Side’s continued reign. After all, it’s Kylo Ren that has a fancy new style light saber in The Force Awakens. We guess that’s what happens when the entire universe is restless under your godlike rule…
  • The Dark Side abolished slavery! That’s right – somewhere between Anakin’s birth into slavery under Jedi reign and Darth Vader’s Empire taking the helm, human slavery was dropped in favor of robots doing the (literal) heavy lifting. Let’s face it people – the Dark Side is just efficient at leading!


Lenovo Star Wars Gifts

  • Innovative Technology: The Dark Side is all about innovation and adaptability. Lenovo’s 2-in-1 Yoga 910 Glass Star Wars laptop offers crisp, of-the-moment 4K high definition, with nearly edge-to-edge display. Plus it’s expertly engineered to open smoothly and can be flipped to be used as either a tablet or a laptop. Any Sith Lord would be proud to wield this sleek piece of hardware to carry out their master plans.
  • EDC Essentials: A good Sith is always prepared with an escape plan and a backup plan when those pesky rebels meddle in their affairs. Look for Every Day Carry (EDC) gadgets like a pen light to sub for a light saber in a pinch, or a Swiss Army knife to slip past your enemies undetected.
  • Defensive Must-Haves: The most annoying part of being part of the Dark Side is the fact people are always coming after your power. Give your Sith the gift of defense with a heavy duty phone case that’s designed to shield your phone from any drops, falls, or Jedi attacks.