8 Laundry Hacks to Save Big on Your Energy Bills

8 Laundry Hacks to Save Big on Your Energy Bills | Coupons.com

Labor Day is one of the best times of the year to purchase new appliances, especially a new washing machine. In fact, upgrading your washing machine may actually save you money over the years, especially if you are replacing an older model. Sears prides itself on offering some of the best machines at the best prices, and this year, Labor Day Sales are starting even earlier!


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Now that you have saved on the purchase of your new washing machine, why not save on the usage. Here are some tips that may slash your monthly energy bill.

1) Wash full loads of laundry using cold water. Modern detergents work very well in cold water, and about 90 percent of the energy used by clothes washers goes to water heating.

2) Opt for an Energy Star model. These appliances offer energy efficiency which in turn will lower your energy bills. Check with your local energy company to see if they offer any rebates for replacing older, less efficient appliances.

3) Use your clothes dryer for consecutive loads. The built-up heat means less energy spent.

4) Make sure the lint trap in the clothes dryer is clean before you press start. Add a clean, dry towel to improve air circulation and reduce drying time.

5) Your washing machine will use the same amount of energy regardless of what time you run it. However, depending on your energy provider’s rates, you can often save money by washing your clothes at certain times. Check with your local provider to find out what their “peak hours” of use are and avoid using your washer and dryer during those times. Usually, during the summer you should run your washer early in the morning – energy use peaks on hot afternoons. Winter weather drives demand for electricity earlier in the morning, so wash your clothes late at night.

6) Our grandmothers did it: line dry your clothes! Opting to air-dry spares your energy bill an extra dry and can add to the life of your clothing, especially t-shirts!

7) Washing larger loads can make a difference. Your washing machine will use the same amount of mechanical energy whether you select “small” or “super.” Take advantage of the electricity you’re already using by washing fuller loads.

8) Dry on moisture sensor mode instead of setting your dryer for an exact amount of time. The sensor mode will automatically end the cycle as soon as the clothes are dry. It saves time and can reduce your bill.

8 Laundry Hacks to Save Big on Your Energy Bills | Coupons.com