Last-Minute Holiday Tips

How to Keep the Jingle in Your Pocket

Last Minute Savings with

The countdown is on. How are you holding up? Just a few shopping days left, and you may be wishing that your money would grow faster than your list. Try these tips for saving money and preserving your sanity.

1) Groceries can take a big bite out of your budget, so here’s how to save a bunch. First, plan your menu around what’s on sale by checking your store’s circular. Second, find and print coupons from to match sale items. When you are at the store, if something is out of stock, ask for a rain check.

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2) Sometimes it pays to shop late. This week, many retailers will drop their prices for last-minute shoppers, so look for bargains. Also, check to see if items you’ve already purchased are now on sale and if so, ask for a price adjustment.

3) Avoid the mall. One word: Parking. Instead, put together creative gifts from the grocery store. For example, use this $1 off coupon to buy a magazine, wrap it up and gift it with a year’s subscription. Or buy a stocking and create a theme, like “Home Spa.” Include bath salts, scented candles, a gift card for some calming tunes and voila––it’s the gift for a relaxing evening.

One last tip: Avoid impulse purchases––they add up. Stick to your list, shop with a plan and save your money. With these tips, may you find a little peace on earth this season.