Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas


Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas |

It’s the morning of Halloween, so if you haven’t finalized your costume plans yet, then these Halloween makeup ideas might come in handy. Today we’re sharing a few quick makeup tutorials that are perfect for last-minute Halloween costumes. All the makeup looks are easy to complete and feature beauty products you can find at your local drugstore.

Edward Scissorhands

edward scissorhands Halloween makeupSource: Emma Pickles

 This Edward Scissorhands tutorial demonstrates how you can easily achieve the classic Tim Burton character’s sullen look using common makeup products. If you’d like to perfectly mimic Edward’s appearance, add a black wig or black hairspray to create a gothic appearance.

Flirty Flapper

flapper Halloween makeupSource: Tess Christine

Embrace the style of the roaring ’20s with a flapper makeup tutorial. Pair the makeup look with a fringed dress and feather headband for a traditional flapper costume or wear a white dress and blonde wig to channel Daisy from The Great Gatsby.

Alex from A Clockwork Orange

clockwork orange Halloween makeupSource: Miss Jessica Harlow

Follow this makeup tutorial for a glamorous take on Alex’s signature look. With the addition of a men’s white button down shirt and bowling hat, you’ll undoubtedly create a disturbing look straight out of the cult classic movie.

Feminine Lion

lion Halloween makeupSource: From Head to Toe

Animal costumes are perfect for last-minute Halloween parties. This lion makeup tutorial roars with creativity. Pair this makeup with a faux fur hoodie or vest to create a jungle ready look.

Cute Cat

cat Halloween makeupSource: Fashionista804

Embrace your feline side this Halloween with this easy cat makeup tutorial. With only a few simple steps and the addition of a pair of cat ears, you’ll be transformed into a sly kitten in no time.

Sultry Vampire

halloween makeup ideasSource: Emma Pickles

This vampire makeup tutorial combines the sultry and scary aspects of vampires into a cohesive costume. Follow the easy video to create a makeup look featuring deep smoky eyes, dark red lips, and dripping blood.

Creepy Doll

Creepy doll Halloween makeupSource: Karman

Dolls may seem sweet and innocent, but this creepy doll makeup tutorial showcases their darker side, which is so prevalent in scary movies these day. Combine this makeup look with an oversize child’s dress, knee-high socks, and disheveled pigtails to amplify the spookiness.

Wicked Witch

wicked witch Halloween makeupSource: Lily Baross

This Halloween try a glamorous take on the classic witch costume. Simply follow the wicked witch makeup tutorial and add a witch’s hat, black cape, and broom to achieve a magical look. Your friends will be green with envy.

Adorable Panda

panda Halloween makeupSource: Miss Glamorazzi

Who doesn’t love cuddly panda bears? This easy tutorial shows you how to create an adorable panda makeup look, and it also features an easy do-it-yourself costume idea. For a cute addition to your costume, carry around a few pieces of bamboo.

Justin Bieber

justin bieber halloween makeupSource; Kandee Johnson

In this step-by-step video tutorial, see how easy it is to transform into the teen sensation Justin Bieber. Don’t forget to wear oversize pants, huge sunglasses, a backward baseball cap, and a heavy dose of attitude to flawlessly imitate the infamous singer.

For more Halloween makeup ideas and beauty inspiration, don’t forget to check out our other Halloween-inspired beauty articles. We’ve created an easy tutorial to help you achieve Elsa’s signature look from Disney’s Frozen and put together a list of the best beauty products to help you look pretty and not spooky this Halloween!

Get into the spirit of Halloween with even more creepy, cute, and crafty inspiration!

Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas |


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