Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

So it’s the morning of Halloween and you’ve been so busy that you still haven’t figured out your costume, right? Don’t fret. These last-minute ideas will get you geared up for a night full of spooky decorations, costume parties and trick-or-treating. Plus, they’re a grade above the super simplified trash bag witch and white sheet ghost ideas.

The 30-Minute Costume

If you have 30 minutes to spare, then use the time to get really creative with this fun pop art comic book makeup. Start with white foundation, a black brow pencil for exaggerated dark eyebrows, red lipstick and an eye shadow palette to create the polka dots. Add to the look by wearing a yellow wig and making a speech balloon cutout. Wear a polka dot dress to really drive the point home.

Got a white beanie and some blue paint? That’s all you really need to have a Smurf costume this Halloween. A pair of white pants for the guys and a white dress for the girls topped off with a white beanie is all the clothing you need to be a Smurf and Smurfette. Now just be prepared to get your body painted blue. This part might take a while and is best if done with a buddy.

The 15-Minute Costume

This Rosie the Riveter costume is perfect for a procrastinator like yourself because all the inspiration you need is in the slogan: We Can Do It! Place a red polka dot scarf on your head and toss on a trendy chambray shirt or blue overalls and you’re on your way. Take a few minutes to paint a piece of cardboard yellow and include the signature slogan in blue and white. No Rosie look is complete, however, without the trademark arm pump.

Want to be a famous painter? Sport a braided up-do, a few flowers in your hair, a unibrow and a slight mustache and you’re Frida Kahlo. This costume could take even less time if you have fantastic skills at creating facial hair from makeup. Throw on a colorful wrap scarf, a red lip and call it a day.

Forgot about the little ones this year? Have them dressed in no time with this fun colonial look. Turn your child into a young George Washington by making a wig out of a few toilet paper rolls. The rest of the look can be created with a few doilies, socks and a suit.

The 5-Minute Costume

A simple light blue placard is all it really takes to dress up as Photoshop, the popular graphic editing program. Print out the lettering from your computer and affix it to a makeshift placard. Then pull a dark blue sweater over your head and you’re an instant walking logo.

Got a rubber chicken lying around from last year’s April Fools’ Day? Well wrap it around your neck with the help of the cord from your home phone (if your home phone still has a cord) and top it off with a blue T-shirt. Within minutes you’ve gone from having no costume to being “chicken cord on blue”—a clever play on words of the classic dish.
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