Kid-Friendly Homemade Gifts for Grandparents

Kid-Friendly Homemade Gifts for Grandparents | thegoodstuff

Grandparents Day is right around the corner! On September 13 we all need to pick up the phone, pick up the tab, and celebrate those parents with experience who are helping us raise our kids right.

I love to get my kids involved in celebrating their grandparents, as well. Though it only takes a simple card to make their entire day, I want to make a more personalized approach this year. Sending a care package to them will make their entire month!

Do your little ones love craft time? Let them express their creativity with 25 more easy crafts for kids!

1. Handprint mason jars


A craft that a lot of kids make in school for Mother’s Day, this easy-to-create jar is perfect for grandparents, too. I store craft items and even food in the ones I have from my kids. These jars will double as personalized décor and will be a constant reminder of the grandchildren they love so much!

Making these are so easy:

  1. Purchase craft paint at the store and let the kids go. Let them paint either the inside or outside of the jar and let it dry.
  2. Paint their hand in a contrasting color and then let them put one or more prints on the jar.
  3. Use their thumbs to make a heart on the lid and a permanent marker to write the child’s name and date.
  4. Fill the jar — avoid food if you painted the inside — with fun items the grandparents might use.
  5. Pack them in bubble wrap when you mail them out and they’ll arrive ready to be put on display.

2. Handprint everything else


Source: Glued to My Crafts

Everything from dish towels to pot holders to clear ornaments can be used to display a child’s handprint. Get creative, but make sure that you put the child’s name, date, and a message to their grandparent to make it more personal!

3. Pet Garden Rocks


Source: Parenting

I stumbled upon these cute rocks that would be so easy for kids to make. Have your kids choose some flat rocks and, using craft paint, paint little ladybugs — one for each grandchild. These are fun to do, easy to throw into a care package for grandma and grandpa, and are a sweet display item for them at home.

4. Send a hug or other drawing


Source: Built by Kids

I love this super easy and affordable craft that grandparents would get a kick out of. Sending a hug is so fun and unique! Have your child lay down on a large piece of paper. Have them spread out their arms as if hugging and trace around them. Let them color it in and send a hug to their grandparents.

5. Send a piggy bank


My kids’ grandparents are a few hours away. Traveling for them is easier than most but it still costs money to buy gas and plan the trip. I’ve often thought it would be fun to send them a “Save for a trip to the grandkids’ jar,” and I think it would be even more fun to send them a piggy bank so they can save up a little at a time.

Have the kids paint and label it, then stuff it with some money to get your grandparents started. Then, every time you visit them you can add more money until a few trips or more are all paid for in advance!

6. DIY soap dispensers


Source: Mommy Savers

If you have grandparents that appreciate good humor, buy some plastic soap bottles and enjoy this craft!

Take photos of your kids looking trapped, then have your kids help you cut and laminate the photos. (You can buy laminating kits at the craft store or take them somewhere to be done.) Put the laminated photos inside the dispenser, add names and the year on the bottom with a permanent marker and ship them off!
Tip: Paint clear nail polish over the child’s name on the bottom to make it more permanent.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what simple craft you do. Grandparents appreciate the time and effort of just thinking about them — on Grandparents Day and all year-round!


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