Is this really the #1 Cleaning Hack on Pinterest?

This cleaning hack has been all over Pinterest:
Dawn and Vinegar Cleaning Hack

But does this really work on very tough soap scum? A friend raved it cleaned her shower like magic. Another claimed it cleans her shower easier than anything she has ever tried.

We decided to put it to the test. A really tough test.

I recently purchased a fixer upper home that had been owned by a male who kinda generally cleaned the house before the sale, but the showers, not so much.

These were the glass blocks in the shower. Um, YUCK.

before glass block ed
I mixed the vinegar and Dawn dish liquid (the hack specifically recommends original, blue Dawn), in a spray bottle, and sprayed on – heavily.

The first pass really didn’t do much. So I reapplied, let it sit for an hour or so, and scrubbed hard. Here are the results:

hack 6 ed

Then I applied a specialty cleaner for hard water stains on other blocks, and with some time and more scrubbing, got good results—but for about $5 more.

So would I say that this hack really works for much less than buying a special bathroom product to clean hard water and soap scum? Absolutely. Give it a try.

before after hack text

PS: I really wish I had found this hack from Mark The Manly Housekeeper before starting this project – it would have saved me a lot of time.