Inexpensive Ways to Create Better Business Cards

Whether you are an entrepreneur with your own business or a manger in a fortune 500, first impressions matter. And one of the most lasting impressions potential customers take away with them is your business card. To this day, business cards are one of the best ways to cultivate new business and network!

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A business card can become so much more than an important part of building a client base. It can be a way to stand out, show your creativity and keep your customers coming back for more. The return on investment is significant.


Here are some ideas of how to make your business cards stand out:

Give them a reason to keep your card

Add a calendar to the back of the card or a list of local events that pertain to your business. Or use the back of your card as a loyalty discount card.


Create a theme

Use similar color palettes and imaging. Use your business card to demonstrate part of your messaging or brand. If you are a graphic artist or in a creative field, show that through a unique business card. If you are a photographer, add a few photos on one side. If you are a non-profit, put a photo of the cause you are helping. Pictures can speak a thousand words!


Get a pro involved

Vistaprint has a team of designers who will help you design a card unique to you. Take advantage of expertise that will help you create an image while making sure you include all the information you want clients and potential clients to take with them.


Great creative

Consider using a square or rounded corner card. Add a fun factoid to the back of the card.


Pay attention to details

Make sure the size of the letters and the colors are legible. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to read the contact info! Or opt for a thicker paper stock. In addition to paper thickness, try a unique paper type. Linen, recycled or matte are just a few examples.


In a world of everything digital, business cards are more relevant than ever. It gives someone something to physically hold and walk away with. It’s more personal than telling someone you will email your contact info.

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