Ideas for a Memorable Mother’s Day

You can go with her favorite perfume or a fresh bouquet of flowers—you know Mom will love those this Sunday. But wouldn’t it be nice to say “Happy Mother’s Day” in a new and thoughtful way?

Here are our Top 10 favorites.

  • A journal or calendar of 52 of your favorite memories about your mom—one for her to read each week over the next year.
  • A frame with “now” and “then” photos—one from when you were a child and she was a young mom, and one of the two of you now.
  • A collection of favorite family recipes from all the generations. (Icing on the cake if it includes photos.)
  • A new iPod that comes with a playlist of her favorite music that you remember from your childhood.
  • A candle made out of her grandchildren’s melted down crayons.
  • Her children/grandchildren’s artwork in a frame.
  • A recurring appointment added to her iCal for a call or a Skype date with you each week. (Put it on yours, too, so you don’t forget.)
  • A morning to sleep in as long as she likes.
  • A new ringtone with all the kids yelling, “We love you mom/grandma!”
  • A clean car—get it washed, detailed and filled up with gas.

Want more DIY ideas or a little inspiration for your inner crafty self? Check out what we’ve found on Pinterest.


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