4 Iced Coffee Recipes That Are a Real Wake-Up Call

4 Iced Coffee Recipes That Are a Real Wake-Up Call | thegoodstuff

Full disclosure: I love coffee.

Admittedly, I came into the coffee game a bit late in life since I didn’t rely on it to get me through finals in college. Rather, I discovered coffee’s flavor and energy benefits once I started my first job in advertising.

There was nothing like that elixir of life around three in the afternoon when I was looking down the barrel of a midnight deadline. Add a dose of children, family activities, and a full-time career years later and yes…I love coffee.

When the weather heats up, I’m oh-so-down for the joys of an iced coffee! Some days iced coffee just hits the spot better than anything out there.

Now that I’ve established my love for this beautiful beverage, let’s enter in the Starbucks (or Peet’s or your favorite local coffee establishment) factor. Yes, coffee drinks for a coffee lover can add up quickly!

As soon as these coffee treats became a large slice of the pie in my family’s monthly finance pie chart, I decided it was time to learn how to make some of these iced wonders for myself.

These iced coffee recipes are perfect for summer, and these healthy coffees can be made hot, hot, hot! to warm you up in the winter.

How to Make Iced Coffee: Cooling Your Brew in the Fridge

My first discovery in this quest for home-brewed iced coffee recipes is that there are many ways to make your base coffee.

Let’s start with the easiest version, which is to brew a strong batch of hot coffee as you would any morning, then transfer the brew to the fridge and chill the resulting liquid. Once your pitcher is chilled through, you can enjoy iced coffee at any time.

This method requires no new equipment and is pretty simple so it’s probably the fastest way to get your home-based iced coffee station started.

As an added bonus, my recommendation is to make a batch of coffee ice cubes while you’re at it. Simply pour coffee that’s been cooled to room temperature into ice trays and freeze. Keep these at the ready for the Iced Americano recipe below!

How to Make Iced Coffee: How to Cold-Brew Coffee

Now if you want to jump into the latest trend in coffee making, it’s time to start your iced coffee journey by making cold brewed coffee.

During the cold-brew process, time replaces heat, so in a nutshell this is ground coffee soaked in cold water for an extended period of time (anywhere from 5-24 hours), then pressed to create a delicious coffee concentrate that becomes a chilled version of your morning cup o’ Joe.

The simplest recipe I found was a french press version on Epicurious. Cold-brewed coffee brings forward a balanced and distinctively smooth cup of coffee, ready to be enjoyed in several of the yummy recipes listed below.

1. Iced Americano Recipe

4 Iced Coffee Recipes That Are a Real Wake-Up Call | thegoodstuff

The Americano is refreshing in its simplicity and a great way to cut unnecessary sugar out of your life without giving up the taste of coffee that you love.

Best made with the strength of cold brewed coffee or espresso, the Americano is pure coffee enjoyment. Here’s how to make it!


• 2 ounces cold-pressed coffee or espresso
• 6 ounces water
• Ice (I prefer coffee ice cubes to minimize dilution)


1. Fill a 12-ounce glass to top with ice or coffee ice cubes

2. Add water

3. Add coffee or espresso and stir

2. Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe

4 Iced Coffee Recipes That Are a Real Wake-Up Call | thegoodstuff

If skipping the cream and sugar isn’t how you like to enjoy your Americano, I’ve got a sweeter variation for you to try: the Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

For this delicious version, make your Americano as instructed above, but drizzle about 2+ Tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk on top of your coffee. Add a splash of your preferred milk (half and half is what we recommend) and stir.

Soon you’ll be enjoying the creamy goodness of what is likely to become your new favorite iced coffee.

3. Iced Salted Caramel Latte Recipe

4 Iced Coffee Recipes That Are a Real Wake-Up Call | thegoodstuff

A flavored latte tends to be my go-to morning coffee of choice, so it was natural for me to find its iced coffee equivalent.

To my surprise, I actually found an iced coffee product that requires no brewing, no cold pressing, and no waiting overnight for me to enjoy that latte goodness.

Could it be true?

Yes, and it’s made by Folgers! But this isn’t your grandparents Folgers Coffee…this is a tasty and instantly gratifying latte that you can make in about five minutes flat.

The Folgers Iced Café line comes in four flavors and they’re made with 100 percent coffee extracts with no sugar or preservatives added. Just five ingredients and you’re on your way to convenient and tasty iced coffee at any time.

4 Iced Coffee Recipes That Are a Real Wake-Up Call | thegoodstuff

I found my Folgers Iced Café at Target, but theyre also available at many grocery stores. Be sure to check for a Folgers coupon, too!

 4 Iced Coffee Recipes That Are a Real Wake-Up Call | thegoodstuff


• 2 squeezes (~1+ teaspoon) Folgers Iced Café Caramel Macchiato (Original Latte flavor also works)
• 1 cup milk (your preference on type of milk — I just love half and half)
• 2 teaspoons caramel syrup
• 1 teaspoon sugar
• Pinch of sea salt
• Ice
• Optional: Whipped cream


1. Combine Folgers Iced Café, milk, caramel, sugar, and salt in a tall glass. Using whisk or spoon, mix enough to froth milk a bit.

2. Add ice into glass and pour coffee mixture over the top.

3. Add whipped cream and drizzle with additional caramel syrup and a few grains of sea salt.

4. Add straw and enjoy!

4. Mocha Frappe Recipe

 4 Iced Coffee Recipes That Are a Real Wake-Up Call | thegoodstuff

Iced coffee recipes just wouldn’t be complete without one for a blended, icy coffee frappe! This one is sure to please your afternoon iced coffee craving without a trip through the Starbucks or McDonald’s drive thru.

Make this delicious frozen mocha right at home and enjoy!


• 1 1/2-2 cups crushed ice (you can add coffee ice cubes here for extra coffee flavor)
• 2 ounces cold pressed coffee (if using cooled regular coffee, use 3/4 cup)
• 3/4 cup milk of choice
• 2 Tablespoons sugar
• 2 Tablespoons chocolate syrup
• Optional: Whipped cream


1. Add all ingredients (except for whipped cream) into blender.

2. Mix in blender for 45 seconds to 1 minute, ensuring all ice is well blended with ingredients.

3. Pour into glass and garnish with whipped cream and chocolate syrup drizzle.

4. Add a straw for easy sipping!


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