How We Celebrate Mother’s Day

by pretty cool Moms.

We spend a lot of time here talking about savings and money and how to get the most bang for your buck—and that makes sense, right? After all, we’re a company that’s in the business of helping you stretch your dollars.

Today, though, we’d like to take a break from money talk and introduce you to some special people behind the scenes at Here are five moms who spend their days at work in our Mountain View offices, and their evenings and weekends at “work” taking care of their kids. Busy ladies! But this Sunday, you can bet they’ll be taking a well-deserved break. Here’s how some of the moms like to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Michele polaroid

“This is an easy one for me! The garden is my favorite place. Mother’s Day is the perfect day to get everyone planting and digging together. My kids love it and they know it brings us all so much joy and abundance of fresh food for the many months to come. By the middle of summer my kids are coming up with new ways to cook or create recipes with the fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers, etc.” —Michele


Julie polaroid

“My favorite way to start Mother’s Day is with breakfast with the family at my favorite restaurant. Then Dad takes on parenting duties for the rest of the day and I get to do whatever I want, which usually means a mani/pedi and some shopping.” —Julie



Berna polaroid“I like to be pampered—wake up to a yummy breakfast cooked by my daughter and husband. Then after a leisurely breakfast, go for massage and mani/pedi. All the household chores for that day are taken care of, and I don’t have to do a single thing but relax and enjoy myself.”  –Berna

Asya polaroid 2


“My favorite thing about Mother’s Day is getting handmade cards and gifts from my girls. We don’t celebrate really big, but it’s the little things from them that make my day. I think my favorite gifts are the picture frames they’ve made me.”  —Asya


Lisa polaroid“Brunch with my kids at a great restaurant is my favorite way to start the day. Then I love to spend the afternoon doing something we all enjoy together—going on a hike, taking a trip to the beach or going to a movie. Toward the later afternoon/evening, I take some time to either recharge with a mani/pedi, or have a glass of wine and celebrate with other moms.”  —Lisa


So you tell us—how do you like to celebrate Mother’s Day?