How to Wake Up When Your Alarm Goes Off


Graphics by Betty Gay

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For most of us, waking up is often easier said than done. Waking up on time can be a whole different challenge. Whether you’re a morning person or not, opening your eyes and getting a move on when that pesky alarm clock starts ringing can prove to be quite the hurdle. That’s why we’ve put together these helpful tips on how to wake up on time. Trust us, it does get easier!

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Here’s how to wake up on time when your alarm goes off:



  • Mark

    Step 1: put on your grown-up panties and do what you have to do. Shouldn’t require an infographic.

    • couponscom

      Hi Mark,
      Even some of the best, most grown up of us have those mornings where we just can’t seem to get out of bed! Hopefully these tips will be helpful on those difficult mornings. :) Kudos to you for being so motivated to get going in the morning!