How to Use Sugar Substitutes for Baking

How to Use Sugar Substitutes for Baking | thegoodstuff

Graphics by Betty Gay

They say baking is a science, and boy are they right! Anyone who has ever tinkered with ingredients, amounts, or bake time, whether intentionally or on accident, can tell you that you have to be pretty precise for your baked goods to come out right. The need to make exact measurements and follow recipes to a “T” (unless you’re experienced) can make substitutions messy — literally.

Use your newfound baking skills to whip up a batch of zucchini-apple muffins or put those overripe bananas to good use with 7 banana recipes!

If you’ve every wondered how to correctly use sugar substitutes for baking, check out this handy guide below. Save it, pin it, and print it out so you can easily tell how much Splenda, honey, stevia, or even agave nectar you need to use in your recipes. Share the love with your baker friends or newbie chefs, too! Everyone can benefit from a little extra help in the kitchen, after all.

Here’s how to use sugar substitutes for baking:



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