How to Turn Your Guest Room Into the Ultimate Comfort Zone

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Your house may not be the Ritz Carlton, but when you host overnight guests, thoughtful gestures can turn your spare room into a relaxing comfort zone for your visitors. With the holiday season coming up, chances are you’ll be opening your home to friends and family. Pamper your guests with these tips from the hotel industry.

Freshen Your Bedding

guest room_bedding

If the bed in your guest room is made up with thin sheets and a cheap comforter, think about upgrading. Many hotels now brag about their sleep experience—down comforters, top-of-the-line linens and fluffy-top mattresses have replaced scratchy sheets and rock-hard beds. Treat your guests to the most fabulous sleep experience you can afford. And throw an extra blanket (and pillows) in the closet as everyone’s preference in room temperature varies.

Get Crafty With Towels

guest room_towels

Save your guests the hassle of having to either ask for towels or dig around in your linen closet and bathroom cupboards. You may want to invest in a nice set of towels that you reserve only for guests so they don’t get worn out or stained from regular use. Also, placing a robe in the closet is a nice perk. And if you’re super creative, try putting together one of those towel animals for fun.

Supply Some Toiletries

guest room_toiletries

Hotels provide complimentary bath products because these items are often hard to pack and easily forgotten. Put new travel-size shampoos, soaps, deodorants, razors and toothpaste in a little basket in your guest bathroom.

Provide Water and Snacks

guest room_snacks

You can stock your own version of a mini bar and the upside for your guests is, it’s free. Place a small basket on a dresser or nightstand with water bottles, protein bars, mints or gum, chocolate or anything you think your guests would appreciate.

Jot Down Important Information

guest room_snacks

Most hotels have information in each room with necessary details and the answers to frequently asked questions. You can do something similar. Print out a pretty sign or placard and include information like the password to your wi-fi, the security code for your house or garage door, your work number, or a list of nearby coffee shops, pharmacies and restaurants they might want to visit.

Another nice touch—place a TV and DVD player in the room along with a printout of the channels you get and a few movie selections. In-room entertainment may provide your guests with a welcome wind-down opportunity at the end of a long day. And if you’re feeling particularly four-star, a mint on the pillow or a scented candle is a nice touch.


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