How to Travel on a Budget

Are you longing to go on vacation but are afraid of the travel expenses? Read on to find out how to travel without breaking the bank.

  • Save on transportation. Flights are often the biggest expense when traveling, but fortunately sites like Travelocity and American Express Travel make it easy to maximize your savings. If you are traveling to a popular vacation destination, search these sites for package deals that include flight and hotel expenses.  Plus, check out coupon codes from Dollar Rent A Car or Budget Rent A Car to get a great deal on car rentals.
  • Know when to buy your tickets. According to, buy your tickets for domestic travel at 3 pm Eastern on Tuesdays and plan to travel on Wednesdays to get the cheapest flights. Tuesdays and Saturdays are also good days to travel, but stay away from Fridays and Sundays, as ticket prices tend to be the most expensive then. And of course it’s no secret that you should buy your tickets well in advance to get the best price.
  • Avoid baggage fees. Most airlines make you pay for checked-in baggage on top of ticket price which can substantially to the ticket price. For domestic flights, fly Southwest Airlines or JetBlue to avoid those cumbersome fees. Southwest allows the first two checked bags to be free, and JetBlue allows the first bag.  You can also avoid fees if you are a frequent flier, have an airline credit card, or are checking certain items like baby gear (e.g. car seat, stroller).
  • Save on food. While dining and tasting local cuisine is a part of the vacation experience, an easy way to save money is to limit the number of meals you eat out. Buy snacks and drinks from a local grocery store and take them with you when you go sightseeing. You can even buy bread and lunch meats and pack sandwiches for lunch.  Use digital grocery coupons like the hundreds we have available so that you can use them anywhere in the US.
  • Enjoy free attractions. Did you know some of the world’s best attractions are free? Check out websites like, Lonely Planet, and  to see if there’s a free attraction that interests you.