How to Stick With Your Healthy Weight Loss Plan

How to Stick With Your Healthy Weight Loss Plan | thegoodstuff

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We all get to that uncomfortable place where the clothes are too tight, the afternoon slump is keeping us down, and we start to dread the process of getting that extra weight off. Even if we’re on a plan and have a commitment to get in shape, the constant process can be a serious drain on our day.

But we want it. We want to stay on track, lose the weight, and make that commitment to ourselves. It takes a lot of mental power to get back on the weight loss journey when we stumble. Here’s how to stick with your healthy weight loss plan — these tips tare helping me, too!

Oftentimes bad habits contribute to weight gain and even straying from our healthy weight loss plan. Learn how to nip those bad habits in the bud — including how to stop drinking caffeinated beverages. Don’t forget to check out these 4 additional workout motivation tips to get yourself mentally prepared to take it to the next level!

Find something to do that you LOVE


Besides choosing good foods and portion control, exercise is the best way to lose weight and to stay in shape. But if you hate exercise or feel inadequate next to the skinny mini next to you at the gym, it will be really hard to stay committed to it.

When I started to really make a commitment, I had to think of things I used to love. Tennis was number one and nature trails were number two. I’m very lucky to live in a neighborhood with 100-year-old trees, so just walking around here feels like a nature trail. Tennis was a little harder to get back into, but once I found a club and made the commitment, I was hooked. So think about what you love — whether it’s dance, aerobics, sports, or hiking — and add that in as your number one exercise regimen! It will keep you on track longer and make your spirit happy, too!

Consider slip ups a positive thing


We all mess up. Sometimes just one meal, sometimes for a whole month. Nothing is irreversible when it comes to getting back on track. If you slip up, don’t beat yourself up over it. No one’s perfect.

Sure, it’s really hard to lose again what you already lost before. The daunting task to lose it again can be depressing and kill your motivation. But no matter how many times you slip up, the positive approach is to try again.

If you slip up, turn it into a mental positive!. Say, “Well, that was fun, now back to kill it like I know I can!” Positive words can be the most motivating action you take for staying on track!

If you’ve stayed on track and have started seeing results, reward yourself with a treat like new workout gear. Be sure to check for a Nike promo code before you shop for a great deal on shoes or workout attire!

Shut out the noise


There’s so much noise out there about weight loss, how to do it, and how to be successful at it. The truth is, what works for someone else may not work for you. When you’re in the zone of losing weight, stay away from the rhetoric. If what you are doing is working, trying to change it to match your best friend did can derail you pretty quickly.

I’m also a big fan of not oversharing. Why? Because when we tell people we are going to “lose 20 pounds by the holidays” and then we have a slip and don’t accomplish it, it can be very detrimental to our psyche.

So do what feels right to you, consult doctors, nutritionists, and anyone else who can truly help you, but keep the journey to yourself. Trust me, when people notice your hard work it’s the most amazing feeling in the world!

Know that just trying is the most amazing thing you can do


So many of us get up in the morning with the best-laid plans. By noon we’re a little less motivated. But just trying every day to make better decisions and to adjust our lives to make weight loss a priority is reason to celebrate.

On the bad days, when the effort seems to yield the smallest of results, remember that just getting up every day with a plan to try again is an achievement of its own. I have a dear friend who lost 60 pounds over a year or so and she said that she had a lot of bad days in a row. Eventually, by making the effort every single day, she conquered the excuses and succeeded on her own timeline and in a way that worked for her.

Weight loss is a billion dollar industry for a reason, but your commitment to yourself to get on track again to feel better about you is priceless!


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