How to Sell Gift Cards (VIDEO)

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Money Minute Day 5

Did you know that you can get cash for your unwanted gift cards? In this video, savings expert Jeanette Pavini shows you how to sell gift cards for up to 92% of the value.

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Hi, I’m Jeanette Pavini, Savings Expert for, here with your Money Minute. Today, spend a little time with us and find out how you can get cash for your unwanted gift cards.

Gift cards are one of the most popular gifts and though it’s basically free money, we often end up with cards to places we really don’t shop at.

Sites like, and let you sell your unwanted gifts cards in exchange for up to 92% of the value. Simply enter your information and they will make an offer.

If you accept the offer, the company typically gives you a free shipping label to send your card in and will then mail you a check. Some cards can be redeemed online.

If you want instant cash, look for Coinstar exchange kiosks inside of grocery stores. Insert gift cards with a value of at least $20 and they will make you an offer. It will likely be less than what you would get going through a website, however the advantages are it’s instant and in cash.

That’s how you can get cash for your gift cards. See you next time for your money minute.


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