Are You Paying a High Price for Your Health?


For many of us, vitamins and supplements are an essential part of our daily routine, but we shouldn’t have to pay a high price for our health. The good news is there are ways to significantly decrease the cost. Now you can focus on being the healthiest, happiest you and not worry so much about the price at checkout.

Consider a subscription service: Vitamins and supplements are typically taken on a daily basis, so we know we’ll be making repeat purchases. While buying in bulk can be a way to save, you have to be careful with expiration dates. A better idea could be to sign up for regular shipments through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program or Vitacost’s Set & Save. They’ll give you a discount when you schedule regular deliveries.

Sign up for email lists. Often when you sign up for email lists, you instantly receive a discount to use on your first order. Sign up for GNC’s email list and save 15% off your first purchase.

Look for card linked offers. Link your Visa, MasterCard or American Express card to your account and add special offers. Currently, you can get $15 back when you spend $100 online or in-store at Vitamin World. All you have to do is add the offer before you shop, then swipe your card and the cash back is yours!

Look for FSA-eligible items. If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) through your employer, then you can benefit from shopping for FSA-eligible items on the Vitacost site. Look for a light blue FSA icon next to eligible products. While most over-the-counter vitamins typically aren’t eligible, prescription vitamins and some prenatal vitamins are.

Try out a subscription box. Subscription boxes are all the rage right now and if you like to try new things, a health and fitness oriented subscription can be a great way to do it. Sign up for Bulu Box for $10 a month and get 4 to 5 premium samples, including vitamins and supplements. Or, KLUTCHclub, which sends 9 to 12 health and wellness products. Choose from a women’s, men’s, or moms’ box.

Check for coupons: Check the health care section at You will typically find some high value coupons for vitamins and supplements.

  • Save $5 on OPTISOURCE chewable vitamin & mineral supplements
  • Save $3 on Florastor
  • Save $2 on Centrum ProNutrients Omega-3
  • Save $2 on Vitron-C
  • Save $1 on One A Day Multivitamin product

Qualify for free shipping: Purchase vitamins for the upcoming month in a single transaction, so you can take advantage of free shipping deals. Vitamin World offers free shipping on orders $75, Vitamin Shoppe on $25+, Vitacost on $49+, and on $35+.

Before You Shop: Use coupons and take advantage of card linked offers to combine with in-store sale prices on vitamins and supplements. You will save a considerable amount of money, allowing you to put your savings towards something fun.

And just for fun, here is an infographic with the 13 essential vitamins that your body needs!

Vitamins Infographic



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