How to Save on Prescription Drugs

Got the sniffles?

It’s the “stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, run a fever” season, and it can be brutal on both your body and budget. Between over the counter meds and prescription drugs, your wallet might be feeling a bit worse for the wear, too.


Grab a tissue and have some hot tea—we’ll tell you how you can save a few bucks during your next pharmacy visit.

  • Clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club must sell prescription drugs to anyone with a valid prescription, member or not—it’s the law. Typically, you can save significant money at a club pharmacy.
  • Make price comparisons between generics. According to the Mayo Clinic, when two or more manufacturers make a generic version of a drug, the price drops. You can find generics at 50-95% less than the brand name version.
  • Ask your pharmacy if they offer a discount or store credit for a transferred prescription.

One last tip—look for coupons or free trials on drug manufacturers’ websites. Here are some deals from

Final Word: To save on prescription drugs, price compare between pharmacies and if you can, go generic.

The article above was written by our contributor – Jeanette Pavini – an Emmy award-winning consumer reporter and personal finance columnist for The Wall Street Journal Digital Network.


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