How to Save More with Card Linked Offers


No paper, no printing, no codes to copy and paste—these are just a few of the pros that make saving money with Card Linked Offers easy and hassle-free.

What are Card Linked Offers?

Basically, they’re digital coupons—offers from specialty retailers that you can easily load straight to your debit or credit card. When you shop at the store and want to redeem a Card Linked Offer that you’ve added to your card, simply swipe that card when you make a purchase. The savings will show up as a cash-back bonus on your card account statement later. With Card Linked Offers, you can save on everything from pet supplies to clothing to car rentals and restaurants.

Why use Card Linked Offers? It’s like getting free money!

  • Adding an offer to your credit card is as easy as a click, and you can do it on your mobile device or your desktop. With the mobile app, adding a Card Linked Offer to your credit card is as easy as a single tap.
  • You never need to print or clip or remember to throw the coupon in your purse. There are no codes to search for or rebates to mail. And there’s no slow-down at the register or confusion about coupon redemption policies.
  • The rewards are simple, usually given back as a percentage of a shopper’s purchase. You can also find rewards that give back a specific dollar amount on a minimum purchase.

Three Steps to Getting Your Card Linked

1. Go to and click on the Card Linked Offers option at the top of the page.card-linked-header 2. Have you registered with Great! Simply link one of your credit or debit cards to your profile by clicking on Link Card. It’s easy and takes just a few quick steps, and you only need to do it once. Registering your card with is safe and secure. After your card is connected to your profile, you can keep saving forever. If you haven’t registered with Click on Link Card, and then you will be directed to create a profile using either your Facebook account or an email address. Once registered, you can link a card to your profile. link-card-button 3. Now peruse the Card Linked Offers and simply click on the coupons you like. With a single click, that offer will be added to your card and available for immediate redemption. selected-card-linked-offers

Five Tips for Saving With Card Linked Offers

  1. Remember which card you added the offers to. It might be as simple as putting a mini sticky note on the card.
  2. If it’s a debit card, run it as a credit transaction—Card Linked Offers won’t work with a debit/PIN purchase. You’ll see the discount on your next card statement.
  3. When you pay at the checkout, you don’t have to mention anything to the salesperson in order to use your offer. You simply save automatically just by using your card. Remember, you won’t see the discount at the register—it’ll show up on your card statement. If you provide your cell phone number when you set up your Card Linked Offers, you can receive a text alert after the transaction is complete — often before you even walk out of the store.
  4. You can use these offers over and over; there are no limits as to how many times you can save. Just be sure to add the offer again to your card. You can even add it to your card right there in the store on your phone using the app.
  5. Check the app and website often for new offers. Card Linked Offers is a relatively new way to save and many retailers are just getting onboard, so expect to see new offers appear on a regular basis, often for stores that you already shop at.


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