How to Save Money on Your Trip to the Movies

One of my favorite memories as a kid was going to the Geneva Movie Theatre.

We’d always go on a Saturday afternoon and hit a double feature. Of course, it was much less expensive then, but fast forward all these years later and I still love taking in a good movie.

As I got older and had kids, it seemed like a night out at the movies would cost a small fortune! Either you’re paying for a sitter or bringing along the entire family. But there’s something wonderful about going to the movies that makes it worth it. . .enjoying the popcorn while you escape into another world for two hours.

That’s why I’m sharing my favorite tricks for how to save money on movie tickets, your dinner out, and more! Check them out, and let me know what tricks your family uses to save money at the movies in the comments below.

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1. Check on matinee times.

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I always check what times the movie theater offers their matinees. The price difference between a matinee ticket and a regular ticket is usually several dollars, and with kids in tow that can really add up!

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2. Check for movie theater coupons.

Check for coupon codes for your hometown cinema, and don’t forget about websites where you can purchase tickets online. Sites like and Fandango may offer coupon codes, meaning you’ll get tickets for your whole family for a steal!

They may also offer gift cards and coupon codes to lower the price on those gift cards even more. Another smart way to save money on movie tickets is to check sites where people sell gift cards they can’t use at a discount.

3. Ask for a discount.

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I always tell friends to take advantage of senior, military, and union discounts. Your local theater’s website should have information on what discounts are offered and if they’re only available on certain days of the week or at certain times, so be sure to check it out beforehand.

4. Cut costs on dinner with cash-back dining.

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Dinner and a movie seem to go hand in hand. You can save money at your local restaurants by taking advantage of cash-back dining. Simply register your credit card here and when you use it to pay for dinner, you’ll get a discount in the form of cash-back on your credit card statement.

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You can also sit down at a restaurant that offers a day where kids get a discounted or even free meal. Check out our list of restaurants where kids eat free (or mostly free) here.

5. Check warehouse stores for discount tickets.

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Warehouse stores like Costco often sell discounted movie tickets. It’s worth it to stock up on them, but make sure you check to see if there are any restrictions first.

6. Trade babysitting duty.

If you’re planning a date night out without the kids, ask to trade babysitting duty with another couple. You’ll go out for a kid-free movie night on the first weekend, then it’s your turn to babysit the following weekend. Sure, you’ll have to put in some babysitting work, but you’ll get your “just us” date night without the added cost of a babysitter!

7. Look for theaters that offer a double feature.

Movie theaters sometimes offer double features at a ticket price that costs less. Also, many theaters offer special viewing marathons around the time of the Oscars (usually in late February or early March), so you can check out award-nominated feature films at a discount!

How to Save Money on Movie Tickets | thegoodstuff


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