How to Re-Gift With Class


We all get them. Those gifts that are thoughtful and appreciated but not something we will use. We may already have it, we may have decided that we don’t want it or someone may have regifted it to us giving no thought to our personal preference. We smile, say thank you and immediately think of someone else who would better benefit from this gift. But a re-gift can be an insult to someone if you don’t do it right. So here’s how you can re-gift with class.

Re-Wrap It

ReWrap It

Take the time to change the bag that the gift was in or to rewrap it. I once got a bottle of questionable alcohol and the person who gave it to me simply handed it over as she had gotten it. On the lip of the bag was the marking of who it was from and who it was to–not me. So re-wrapping makes it feel new and it safeguards you from embarrassment as well.

Make Sure the Person Will Like It

gift love

Giving a woman with three kids a stone massage package that you can only use on Saturdays at an exclusive spa is probably not a good idea. Putting thought into who might get the most use out of a regift takes no time at all. Since you didn’t have to shop for the actual gift, take the time to think about who could use it best. Almost every gift has a home. Taking the time to pick the perfect one only makes the regift that much more special.

Don’t Re-Gift if There’s a Close, Personal Relationship

regift neighbors

Regifting to a husband, a wife or a best friend should be considered illegal. These are the people who mean the most to you and they deserve the time and effort it takes to find a gift just for them. Instead, re-gift to office mates who you don’t talk to every day, or a neighbor whose dog barks at 2 A.M. or to someone who won’t really know the difference.

Wait for the Right Moment

ReGift With Class

Unless my Aunt Sally really loves a liquor that is a questionable color and I am seeing her that night, I wait a while before I regift. Put the gift in a closet and give it time to be forgotten by anyone. Sometimes, in the holiday spirit, people talk. Make sure enough time has passed before passing the gift on.

With a little time, effort and consideration, regifting can be classy. There is nothing wrong with passing something on that you can’t use, just make sure you do it in a way that no one is the wiser!